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touch of class

Touch Of Class

Touch Of Class comprised of:

Pete Jackson

Gerald Jackson

Herbert Brevard


Michael Hailstock

From Philadelphia, this quartet became Touch Of Class.

Pete and Gerald wrote the American hit 'Turn The Beat Around' for the late Vicki Sue Robinson.

In 1976 the group released their first album outing 'I'm In Heaven' for the Midland International label (via RCA) in 1976, produced by John Davis.

The album contained the highly sought after track, 'I Love You Pretty Baby'.

Various musicians from the Salsoul Orchestra were utilised, giving the album a very 'full' sound.

These included Vince Montana along with the Don Renaldo Strings.

In 1979, the group relocated to the Roadshow / RCA label for an album entitled 'Touch Of Class', which featured the tune 'I Need Action'.

Touch Of ClassTouch Of Class

By this time the group had become a trio with Michael Hailstock reverting to songwriting chores.

Also featured on the album was their version of the Vicki Sue Robinson tune 'Turn The Beat Around' along with the tracks 'Come Back Home', I Found My Rainbow', 'Let Yourself Go' and El Remo'.

In 1985 they returned on the Atlantic label with a 12" single 'Let Me Be Your Everything', which sold well in the U.K.

Many thanks to Markos Fragos in Greece for his help with this page.

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I'm In Heaven (Mid International Records 1976)

Touch Of Class (Roadshow/RCA Records 1979)

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