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the tune weavers

The Tune Weavers

The Tune Weavers were an R & B group from Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The group comprised (at various times) of:

Margo J. Sylvia (lead - b. Margo Lopez, Woburn, Massahussetts, 4th April 1936 U.S.A., d. 25th October 1991, Hillside Hospital, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Johnny Sylvia (her husband and bass - b. 8th September 1935, U.S.A.)

Gilbert J. 'Gil' Lopez (her brother and tenor - b. 4th July 1934, U.S.A. d. 3rd July 1998, U.S.A.)

Charlotte Davis Rose (her cousin and obligato - b. 12th November 1936, U.S.A.)

William 'Bunky' Morris, Jr.

Alice Fernandes


Burt Pina

The Tune Weavers were originally formed in 1956, and hailed from Woburn, Massachusetts.

The group, originally comprised of, (lead singer) Margo Sylvia, (tenor) Gilbert J. 'Gil' Lopez, (bass) John Sylvia and obligato Charlotte Davis.

Brother and sister, Margo and Gil, sang as a jazz duo, in and around Boston, before being joined in 1956 by Margo's husband John, and her cousin Charlotte, comprising the Tune Weavers.

Originally being called ‘the Tone Weavers’, the group changed their name to ‘the Tune Weavers’, after being wrongly introduced by name on stage.

The Tune WeaversThe Tune Weavers

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby b/w Ol Man River - 1957 / Pamela Jean b/w I Remember Dear - 1957

On being introduced to the band leader Frank Paul, they recorded the song, ‘Happy, Happy Birthday Baby’, in March 1957 for the Casa Grande imprint.

The song had been penned by Margo and Gil previously in 1952, and was not an immediate hit.

‘Happy, Happy Birthday Baby’ was later picked up by radio DJs in Philadelphia.

Following promotion by Dick Clark, and Chess Records in Chicago, the song was picked up by the Checker Records imprint and re-released.

The second time around, the song entered the Billboard and R&B charts in 1957, reaching no. 5 on the pop chart and no. 4 on the R&B chart.

The Tune Weavers

The group appeared on Al Freed’s live show in Brooklyn, New York, after which, the group became in demand on the live circuit.

The Tune Weavers went on tour with the likes of The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Eddie Cochran, Paul Anka, Roy Hamilton, The Clovers, amongst others.

Further singles followed on the Casa Grande imprint, (distributed by Ember Records).

These included ‘Pamela Jean’ b/w ‘I Remember Dear’ and ‘Ol Man River’ b/w ‘Tough Enough’ but with lesser chart success.

Charlotte Davis left the group in 1960, and was replaced by William ‘Bunky’ Morris, Jr..

The Tune Weavers continued to record and tour, up until 1962, when they disbanded.

A newer version of the group formed in the 1970s.

The Tune Weavers

happy, happy birthday baby - 1973

Margo Sylvia recorded under the Tune Weavers name during the 1980s.

Margo passed away in 1991 from a heart attack and stroke at the Hillside Hospital in San Diego.

Gil Lopez passed away in 1998.

More recently, John Sylvia and Charlotte Davis (now Charlotte Davis Rose) recruited Alice Fernandes and Burt Pina for live performances.

The Tune Weavers

The Tune Weavers were inducted into the Doo Wop Hall of Fame in 2003.

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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby b/w Ol Man River (Checker Records 1957)

Pamela Jean b/w I Remember Dear (Casa Grande Records 1957)

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby b/w Yo Yo Walk (Instrumental Checker Records 1957)

Ol Man River b/w Tough Enough (Instrumental) (Checker Records 1957)

Little Boy b/w Please Baby Please (Casa Grande Records 1958)

There Stands My Love b/w I'm Cold (Casa Grande Records 1958)

My Congratulations Baby b/w This Can't Be Love (Casa Grande Records 1960)

Your Skies Of Blue b/w Congratulations On Your Wedding (Checker Records 1962)

I Hear Mission Bells (Casa Grande) (Unreleased)

Think And Cry (Casa Grande) (Unreleased)

as Margo Sylvia & The Tune Weavers:

Come Back To Me b/w I've Tried (Classic Artists Records 1988)

Merry Merry Christmas Baby b/w What Are You Doing New Years Eve (Classic Artists Records 1988)


Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Casa Grande Records 1973)

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