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twilight 22

Gordon Bahary

gordon bahary a.k.a twilight 22

Twilight 22 comprised of:

Gordon Bahary (lead vocals and all instruments)

Joseph Saulter (lead vocals)

Erroll Moore (background vocals)

Robin Lewis (background vocals)


Champagne Warren (background vocals)

Twilight 22 were the brainchild of Gordon Bahary.

Joe Saulter

joseph saulter

Gordon was ably assisted by co-lead singer and co-songwriter Joseph Saulter.

He created the group initially through a love of computers and synthesizers.

At the age of 16 he sat in with Stevie Wonder during the recording of 'Songs In The Key Of Life'.

Impressed by his suggestions, Stevie invited Gordon to produce and program synthesizers on his next album, 'Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants'.

Gordon met Joseph Saulter through Herbie Hancock.

Previously, Gordon worked on Herbie's album 'Feets Don't Fail Me Now'.

Joseph had been the drummer with LA-based band Rhythm Ignition.

After the group just missed out on a recording deal with Motown, Joseph and Gordon hooked up to work as Twilight 22.

On Vanguard Records, the duo recorded, their only album to date, 'Twilight 22', in 1984.

The tracks 'In The Night' and 'Mysterious' were extensively played on the U.K. soul stations at the time.

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Twilight 22 (Vanguard Records 1984)

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