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vivienne mckone

Vivienne McKone

b. Vivienne Mckone, London, United Kingdom

Vivienne Mckone's vocal stylings are not dis-similar to that of an artist she admires, Brenda Russell.

In fact, Vivienne states that Brenda's 1979 debut album was a real influence on her musical stylings.

Vivienne is an accomplished singer, songwriter and an instrumentalist.

Additionally, Vivienne is an actress and has a degree in Biology, which she achieved at Goldsmith's College in London.

In 1976, she was part of the original child cast of the movie 'Bugsy Malone'.

Vivienne has been playing the piano since the age of nine and owned her own four track home studio since the age of sixteen.

Her first venture into the soul music market came with the release of her self titled album in 1992.

The accompanying live band was put together by U.K. jazz artist Ronny Jordan.

That album contained the track 'Sing', which has been utilised on many a holiday programme on U.K. television.

Amongst some of her acting appearances, she played a receptionist on BBC television's 'Casualty' hospital programme.

Her brother, Ernie McKone plays bass for the group Gallianno.

Throughout the nineties, Vivienne made several live appearances, however, her only album release to date is the 1992 album.

In 2002, Vivienne released an E.P. entitled 'Raw Street Lovin', which was accompanied by some dates in London and an interview on London's Solar Radio.

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Vivienne McKone (PolyGram Records 1992)

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