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the 8th day

8th Day

The 8th day comprised (at varying times) of:

Steve Mancha (lead vocals)

Melvin Davis (drummer / singer)

Antonio 'Tony' Newton (bass)

Carole Stallings (vocals, electric violin)

Anita Sherman (vocals, vibes)

Michael Anthony (lead guitar)

Ron Bykowski

Bruce Nazarian (rhythm guitar, keyboards)

Jerry Paul (percussion)

Lynn Harter (background vocals)

Lymon Woodard (organ)


Larry Hutchison (vocals, guitar)

Formed in 1966 in Detroit Michigan, The 8th Day were one of several groups hat came under the wing of the post Motown Holland / Dozier / Holland umbrella.

In 1971, they sold a million records with the song 'She's Not Just Another Woman', a song that was recorded originally in 1969 with Steve Mancha taking the lead vocal chores.

They followed up the release with another 1971 release entitled 'You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)'.

This song saw the drummer, and Detroit based artist, Melvin Davis added to the line-up.

Two of the group members Carole Stallings and Anita Sherman weren't from Detroit at all.

They originated from the West Coast of the U.S.

After recording 'Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup' (an old 100 Proof Aged In Soul song), Invictus folded and as with many under the Holland / Dozier / Holland umbrella at the time, the group went their seperate ways as well.

Antonio 'Tony' Newton, Bruce Nazarian and Jerry Paul then formed the group Deliverance.

Tony Newton then relocated to the West Coast, whilst Anita Sherman went on to sing with Joe Cocker.

Melvin Davies previously recorded sides for the Wheelsville and Invictus labels and Steve Mancha for several Detroit labels, including Groovesville and Thelma.

8th Day

Real Player


8th Day (Invictus Records 1971)

I Gotta Get Home (Can't Let My Baby Get Lonely) (Invictus Records 1972)

The Best Of 8th Day (Invictus Records 1992)

Pandora Wept (Undermind Records 1998)

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