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alfie silas

Alfie Silas

b. Alfie Silas Durio, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Alfie Silas is a top notch session singer, along with being a competent artist in her own right.

Alfie is the youngest of five children.

Born in Los Angeles, she grew-up in a family who loved and appreciated music.

'In our house, there was every type of music you could think of. My Dad played the piano by ear and my mother and sisters would sing.'

Throughout her teenage years, Alfie spent many hours in group-vocal rehearsals, which helped set the tone for her career in music.

Displaying a distinct vocal style that's well known throughout the music industry, her indoctrination into Christian Music would prove more captivating and, at first, traumatic.

Alfie states: 'I was so scared! I admit I had great fear,' she says of her transition out of a secondary position in the secular world into the forefront of singing Christian music. 'I was very comfortable as a back-up singer, but being out front was a whole new area.'

In 1982, Alfie released her first, self titled album for the RCA imprint.

That album included the songs 'A Puppet To You', 'Body Heat' and 'There I Go'.

She also scored with the single 'You Put The L In Love' at the time.

Moving to Motown in 1986, here, Alfie released the album 'That Look', produced by Norman Whitfield and Willie Hutch.

That album included a version of the Gary Taylor melody 'Just Gets Better With Time', later covered by the Whispers.

One of the world's top session singers, Alfie Silas has recorded with musical greats such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera and many more.

She has also sung on various soundtracks 'Pretty Woman, 'Hercules' and 'The Lion King'.

Alfie has also sung on various television themes songs such as 'Fairly Odd Parents' on Nickelodeon TV and 'Any Day Now' on Lifetime TV.

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Alfie (RCA 1982)

That Look (Motown 1986)

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