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gary taylor

Gary Taylor

b. Gary Anthony Taylor, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Gary Taylor was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

He studied psychology and even commenced a career in supermarket management.

Gary first began writing songs in the late 70's after a friend needed some material for a musical comedy.

Finding a good reaction to his work he taught himself keyboards and invested in his own recordings.

Gary had also composed a theme for a local radio programme, and the station got repeated calls asking if they could buy it (the track later became the song 'Tease Me').

In the meantime he witnessed his cousin, the late, Skip Scarbrough succeed as a songwriter, a further incentive for Gary to make this his new career.

By 1983 his songs had been recorded by Marlena Shaw ('Without You In My Life') and Michael Wycoff ('On The Line').

Gary TaylorGary TaylorGary TaylorGary Taylor

g.t. - 1983 / compassion - 1988 / take control - 1990 / square one - 1993

Gary recorded the latter song himself upon signing to A & M and releasing an album 'G.T.' (1983), also including 'Just What I Have In Mind', 'This Time', 'Special' and 'Don't Fight It', winning him support on the U.K. soul scene.

He then wrote and / or produced The Whispers ('Just Gets Better With Time'), Anita Baker ('Good Love'), Vesta Williams ('I'm Coming Back'), Chico Debarge ('I Like My Body'), Grover Washington / The Controllers ('Keep In Touch'), Carl Anderson ('Let's Talk'), Beau Williams 'Don't Say No' and 'Slave') and The Dazz Band ('If Only You Were In My Shoes'), before he switched to Virgin as an artist.

Here he released 'Compassion' (1988) including 'Tease Me' and 'Love To The Limit'.

His songs and / or productions were utilised by The Manhattans, The Mac Band and Lalah Hathaway before Gary signed to the Expansion label in the U.K. for 'Take Control' (1990) including 'Don't Be So Distant', 'Time After Time', 'Whatever' and 'I Live 4 U'.

Gary TaylorGary TaylorGary TaylorGary Taylor

one day at a time - 1995 / under the nightlight - 2001 / eclectic bohemian - 2003 / retro blackness - 2006

There followed 'Square One' in 1993, 'The Mood Of Midnight' in 1995 and 'Love Dance' in 1998.

In 2001, Taylor returned with the excellent set, 'Under The Night Light'.

2006 saw the release of the excellent 'Retro Blackness'.

Gary Taylor is seen in the U.K. as a soul evergreen, has written many great soul tunes and remains one of the most respected songwriters within the genre.

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G.T. (A&M Records 1983)

Compassion (Virgin Records 1988)

Take Control (Valley Vue / Expansion Records 1991)

Square One (Sindrome / Expansion Records 1993)

The Mood of Midnight (Morning Crew / Expansion Records 1995)

Love Dance (Morning Crew / Expansion Records 1998)

Under The Night Light (Morning Crew Records 2001)

Eclectic Bohemian (Morning Crew Records 2003)

Retro Blackness (Morning Crew Records 2006)

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