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skip scarborough

Skip Scarborough

b. Clarence Alexander Scarborough, 26th November 1944, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.

d. 3rd July 2003, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Clarence 'Skip' Scarborough was born in 1944.

His portfolio of music is second to none.

Skip took a background role as a producer, arranger and songwriter on many a record.

He was married to Alton McClain of Alton McClain and Destiny.

Of his many songwriting achievements, here are a few:

'Love Ballad' - LTD / George Benson

'Ffun' - ConFunkShun

'Do You Believe' - Chuck Cissel

'Can't Hide Love' / 'Love's Holiday' / 'Earth Wind & Fire' - Earth, Wind & Fire

'Can't Hide Love' - Creative Source

'Don't Ask My Neighbours' - The Emotions / Ahmad Jamal / Nancy Wilson

'Love Changes' / 'Don't Wanna Come Back' - Mother Finest

'The Answer Is You' - Phyllis Hyman / Marc Radice

'Giving You the Best That I've Got' - Anita Baker

'Lover to Lover' - Bobbi Humphrey

'Pieces' - Edwin Hawkins

'Music Is My Way of Life' / 'It's Alright With Me' / 'Come What May' / 'Love and Learn' - Patti Labelle

As a producer his credits include:

'Message From The Magic' - Blue Magic

As a keyboard player:

'Places & Spaces' / 'Caricatures' - Donald Byrd

'People Moving' - Azar Lawrence

Skip Scarborough died in Los Angeles from cancer on the 3rd of July 2003.

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