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Allspice were a group signed to Wayne Henderson's At Home imprint, a subsidiary of Fantasy Records in California, during the mid Seventies.

The group comprised of:

Deborah ShotlowDoug Thomas

deborah 'punkin' shotlow / doug thomas

Ned PerkinsEsau Joyner

ned perkins / esau joyner

Saundra AlexanderAllspice

and saundra 'pan' alexander / the album

In 1977 they recorded one self titled album, which featured the songs 'Destiny', 'Hungry For Your Love' and 'Slipped Away'.

The album featured the artists, Vance 'Mad Dog' Tenort (of the L.A. Boppers), Bobby Lyle, Marlon McClain (from Pleasure), Bruce Smith (from Pleasure) and Greg Matta (from Side Effect).

Allspice only recorded the one album, before going their seperate ways after the records release.

The master tapes from this album are currently unavailable, thus the increase in the market value of this record.

Allspice, as a backing group, also sang background vocals on the Ronnie Laws album 'Fever' from 1976.

Deborah Shotlow sang backgrounds for Wayne Henderson on his 'Living For A Dream' album, and also for the group Blacksmoke in 1977.

Deborah and Saundra provided background vocals on Bobby Lyle's album, 'Genie',

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Allspice (At Home Records 1977)

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