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b.b. & q.

BB & Q

B.B. & Q. stood for:

the Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Band

The original line-up were:

Mauro Malavasi (Piano & Synthesizers)

Peewee Ford (Bass Guitar)

Paolo Gianolio (Guitar)

Terri Silverlight (Drums)


Kevin Nance (Keyboards)

They hailed from New York, and was the concept of Jacques Fred Petrus (who also instigated Change and High Fashion comprised of session musicians).


b.b.& q. the brroklyn bronx and queens band - 1981 / all night long - 1982 / six million times - 1983 / genie - 1985

In 1981, he signed the B.B & Q. concept to Capitol, 'On The Beat' being the debut release and a U K Top 50 dance hit.

Their second album featured a further dance hit 'Imagination', written by Kae Williams (of Breakwater) with guest vocals by Rick Brenna.

In 1985, B.B. & Q. was signed to Elektra Records and Kae Williams wrote, arranged and produced 'Genie' which featured UK Top 40 hits in the title track and 'I'm A Dreamer'.

The songs featured the vocals of Curtis Hairston (although there were no vocal credits on the sleeves).

A further single 'Ricochet' was released by Cooltempo / Chrysalis in 1987 (UK Top 75), before Jacques was shot dead!

Paris Ford paris ford (a.k.a peewee ford) (bassist's website)

Real Player


B.B. & Q The Brooklyn Bronx & Queens Band (Capitol Records 1981)

All Night Long (Capitol Records 1982)

Six Million Times (Capitol Records 1983)

Genie (Elektra Records 1985)

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