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Manchester Show. 10th December 2023

Change comprised of:

James 'Crab' Robinson (vocals)

Mike Campbell (vocals)

Deborah Cooper (vocals)

Toby Johnson (vocals)

Rick Brennan (vocals)

Jeff Bova (vocals)

Vincent Henry (vocals)


Timmy Allen (vocals)

The musicians were:

Mauro Malavasi (keyboards)

Paolo Granolio (guitar)

Bernard Davis (drums)

David Romani (bass)


Rudy Trevisi (saxophone)

Change were, initially, a group led by Paolo Granolio (guitar) and David Romani (bass).

They were a studio creation by producers Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi, who first got together to form Goody Music in 1975.

The Glow Of LoveMiracles

With material recorded in Fontoprint Studio's, Bologna (where the producers' own 24-track studio was based) and Power Station Studio's, New York, 'The Glow Of Love' launched the group in 1980, with success on the U.K. charts arriving with 'Searching', and its Luther Vandross / Jocelyn Shaw led vocals, and the dancefloor title track.

The album also included the popular track 'A Lover's Holiday'.

With touring engagements forthcoming, James Robinson took over from Luther Vandross on lead vocals.

Sharing Your LoveThis Is Your Time

Following 'Miracles' (featuring 'Hold Tight', 'Paradise' and 'Heaven In Your Arms', and further input from Luther Vandross), 'Sharing Your Love' (containing the excellent 'The Very Best In You') and 'This Is Your Time', James Robinson would embark on a solo career.

James Robinson was replaced at the front of the group by Debra Cooper and Rick Brenna, backed by Timmy Allen (bass), Vince Henry (saxophone) and Michael Campbell (guitar).

Change Of HeartTurn On Your Radio

The emerging production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis took over the helm for 1984's 'Change Of Heart', which brought two further U.K. hits (the title track and 'You Are My Melody').

That success proved difficult to emulate on later recordings, although 1985's 'Turn On Your Radio' did give rise to three minor U.K. hits ('Let's Go Together', 'Oh What A Feeling' and 'Mutual Attraction').

In 1986, and after a stint with the group B.B & Q., Jacques Fred Petrus was shot dead at his villa in Guadaloupe by a Swiss man whom Petrus had refused entry into his nightclub previously.

The killer was later arrested in France.

In 2010, a new album entitled 'Change Your Mind' was due for release.

A single entitled 'Things We Do For Love' featured vocals by Patrick Boothe and Lisa Fischer.

Real Player


The Glow Of Love (RFC/Atlantic Records 1980)

Miracles (Atlantic Records 1981)

Sharing Your Love (Atlantic Records 1982)

This Is Your Time (Atlantic Records 1983)

Change Of Heart (Atlantic Records 1984)

Turn On Your Radio (Atlantic Records 1985)

Change Your Mind (Forthcoming release 2010)

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