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• Sweet Love - Frank Mendenhall / Dionne Sings Dionne - Dionne Warwick

Frank MendenhallDionne Warwick

Two more recent outings that both hail from 1998 but didn't make it to the shores of the United Kingdom until a year later.

Frank Mendenhall's set is difficult to describe. The man's voice is so unusual, so here I go trying to describe it. The standout track here is the title track. Now imagine Frank is a Rastafarian, who is a little partial to soul music and has a voice a little like Al Green's. Now a record producer takes him off to the States, puts him in front of a microphone and as he starts singing they start strangling him!! Lousy result? Not a bit of it. This stands proud along with any of the modern soul dancers such as Arthur Miles 'Helping Hands'. This will undoubtedly return at some stage in the future and will be hailed as one of the great dancers from the Nineties. Enough said.

Dionne Warwicks set suffered from the fact that people pigeon-hole her into a MOR slot. I went into a shop in London and asked for this CD and the staff said they don't stock music for old people! Well, they ought to check out the line up here. The set is based around Dionne's back catalogue and has input from the likes of Gerald Albright, Big Daddy Kane, Bobby BrownHorace Brown, Jonathan Butler,Coolio, Celia Cruz, DeBarge, El DeBarge, The Emotions, Flesh N'Bone, Pete Escovedo, Tyreses and Veronica. Quite a line-up. Well, pretty well all the tracks here are good with her cover of 'Walk On By' being excellently brought into the nineties. The track that really cuts it for me is the latin tinged 'Aqualero Do Brazil', which is just great.

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• Happy Bout The Whole Thing / Dee Dee - Dee Dee Sharpe Gamble

Dee Dee Sharpe GambleDee Dee Sharpe Gamble

Two albums, both from the same artist, namely Dee Dee Sharpe (later to be known as Dee Dee Sharpe Gamble, following her marriage to Kenny Gamble).

The first set hails from 1975 and is on TSOP. Both sets have that classic mid-seventies 'Philly feel'. Picks from this set? Well, the dancers 'Touch My Life' and 'Share My Love' are great and 'Real Hard Day' is a beautiful ballad.

The second LP, shown here, is on Philadelphia International Records and is from 1980. Again, another fine album that is sought after for the track 'Easy Money'. Good dancer it is too, but I am going to go for the excellent 'I Love You Anyway'. Philadelphia at it's finest. A really under-rated singer.

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• City Living - Linda Williams / One To One - Syreeta

Linda WilliamsSyreeta

Two really fine albums here. Linda Williams LP came out on Arista in 1979. This set is highly sought after for the rare groove tune 'Elevate Our Minds', which is a great latin flavoured tune, however, this album should not be passed by for just that tune. There are other fine moments here. The excellent two step of 'Loving You Forever' is great and there are some real fine instrumental moments laid out including 'Oh Honey' and 'No Love, No Where, Without You'. You know when a set has quality, running all the way through it, when there are the likes of Paulinho Da Costa, Paul Jackson, James Gadson, Jerry Hey and George Bohannon involved. Go get it.

Syreeta's set was released two years earlier on Motown and contained her last chart entry, the Stevie Wonder penned 'Harmour Love'. What makes this album notable (apart from Syreeta's excellent vocals) is the input from Leon Ware. Leon produced the album and input three of his writings here, my favourite being the Marvin sounding 'Tiki Tiki Donga'. Thanks to Dave Laws for his input here.

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• Chronicles Of The Soul - Montrel Darrett / First Things First - Ricky Lawson

Montrel DarrettRicky Lawson

I thought that I would move back only a year for these two gems. Like the excellent Smokey Robinson CD from last year, these two CD's are destined for obscurity.

Montrel Darrett's CD may not look like it at first glance, but is a gospel set that has a very 'street' sound to it. The album is excellent throughout although I found myself hitting the repeat button on the track 'Free'. This is a song of the highest quality and would have been passed by completely if it wasn't for Jazz FM's Pete Young.

Ricky Lawson is one of the most sought after session musician's out there. Although the list of artists does include Phil Collins......gulp!..........I can really recommend this set as one of the best last year.

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• All About Love - Paulette Reaves / Rhythm Of Life - James Mason

Paulette ReavesJames Mason

The Paulette Reaves set is from 1977 and is highly collectable for the dancer 'Jazz Freak'. The album contains an extended version of the tune, however, for me, the real gem here is the ballad 'You Are My Star' (which did appear on an Expansion Records compilation a few years back). On Blue Candle TK Records. Excellent.

The James Mason set is well known to punters and has a release on CD in the UK, now. Another set from 1977, orignially released on Chiaroscuro Records. Marvellous combination of funk and fusion that is consistent throughout. Worth the purchase alone for the evergreen 'Sweet Power Of Your Embrace'.

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• Make You Shake It - Human Body / Bad Bobby Glover - Bobby Glover

Human BodyBad Bobby Glover

Two albums with one thing in common. The writing and production skills of the late Roger Troutman.

The Human Body recorded two sets with this one being the rarer of the two (the other was entitled 'Cosmic Round-Up). It was released on Bearsville Records in 1984. One point of interest in this set is it contained the original version of 'As We Lay', later made famous by Shirley Murdoch on her first outing. For me, however, the tune here is 'There Is Nobody'. Troutman at his songwriting peak. He will be sorely missed. A tragic finale to his and his brothers lives. Click here to find out what transpired.

Bad Bobby Glover's album, also from 1984, is the man's only outing and is highly sought after these days. There are some excellent tunes in here including 'Happy' and 'Bright Skies, Sunny Days'. Again, the songwriting is of the highest order. Although Glover only cut this set, he used to sing background vocals for many groups, including Dayton.

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A Farewell To The Seashore-Naoya Matsuoaka / Full Moon-Mystic Merlin

Naoya MatsuoakaMystic Merlin

The Japanese album came out on Warner Brothers in Japan and cost a small fortune back in 1983 (as did most Japanese LP's at that time). The track of great interest here is 'Free Voyage'. A Robbie Vincent fave and one that I am asked about whenever I play it out. Weird and wonderful synthesezied track.

Mystic Merlin made three albums beginning with 'Mystic Merlin' then 'Sixty Thrills A Minute' and finishing with this LP 'Full Moon'. What makes this album notable is the inclusion of Freddie Jackson as vocalist on 'Mr. Magician'. A far cry from the romantic solo ballads to follow. Nice LP and sought after.

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• Pass The Peas-The JB's / Ooops, Here I Go Again-Edna Wright

The JB'sEdna Wright

I am not going to say much about the JB's LP other than it would get anyone out on the dance floor. Mojo 1972...'Pass The Peas'...'Gimme Some More'...'Hot Pants Road'...'Wine Spot'...'Blessed Blackness'...'Theme From King Heroin'...Rare as Rocking Horse doo doo.....................!

The Edna Wright LP is a fine example of mid seventies soul. It originally came out in 1976 and was produced by soul veteran Greg Perry. It also had the input from, none other than, Ray Parker Jnr. The main tune here is the title cut, very funny, very soulful, very sought after.

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• Norman Harris - The Harris Machine / Billy Paul - Going East

Norman HarrisBilly Paul

Two classic Philadelphia albums here. The Norman Harris LP was a suggestion from Dave Jarvis and fine one too. I originally bought this LP and, to be honest, played it a couple of times and, since 1980, it has gathered dust on my record shelves. It was only, looking through a record list, that I noticed that people were asking for £30 for this outing. The track people are after here is 'In Good Faith'. Definitely one of those tunes that grows in stature with the passing of time. Great. Nice one Dave.

The Billy Paul LP is one that has become very sought after these days. It is the track 'East' that makes this one go for around £40. Weird and wonderful and a big favourite of Talking Loud's Gilles Peterson. Would grace any dancefloor.

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• Sylvester - Too Hot To Sleep / Mtume - Kiss This World Goodbye


Most people, who have been following soul music over the last 25 years or so, would pass over an album by Sylvester, considering him to be too 'hi-energy' and lightweight. This set came out on Fanatsy records in 1981 and was produced by Harvey Fuqua. I remember when I first heard this album, I nearly fell off my chair! Sylvester's voice here is immaculate. Although he did have moments on other sets, this set highlighted what could have been. Unfortunately, we will never know as he died from Aids a few years ago. Sadly missed.

The Mtume album is a real oddity in as much as most pundits believe that the first Mtume album was 'In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers'. In fact, there were several other outings before that great set. This LP is notable for the inclusion of, the first version, of 'The Closer I Get To You'. The Jazz pundits go for the track 'Love Lock', which I remember playing back in 1980, after finding this set, and getting a real positive response. Really beautiful female vocals, from Tawatha Agee, over Mtume's excellent instrumental product. Originally on Epic from 1978 and then there's that cover! Very early Stevie 'Innervisions' lookalike.....?

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• Ronn Matlock - Love City / David Simmons - Hear Me Out

Ronn MatlockDavid Simmons

Had to include these albums after receiving an e-mail from my old friend Lance in Seattle. Top recommendations they are, too. Ronn Matlocks album is on Cotillion records from 1979. Lance mentioned the track 'Working Man'. The sought after cut is 'Take Me To The Top (Of Your Mountain)' but the one I have loved, over the years, is 'I Can't Forget About You'. Mid tempo magic. Nice one Lance.

Lance's other recommendation is the excellent (and under-rated) David Simmons. The track 'Will They Miss Me?' was a big dancer back in the day. If you want 3 and a half minutes of soul excellence check 'It's A Shame'. Not the old Motown Spinners track. The album came out in 1978 on Fantasy/WMOT. I would really recommend his other WMOT outing 'The World Belongs To Me' from 1979 as well. Go check his resumé.

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• The Education Of Sonny Carson Soundtrack / Universal Love - Woods Empire

Education Of Sonny CarsonWoods Empire

The Education Of Sonny Carson is a soundtrack to a film from 1974. The interest in this album is based around the songs of Leon Ware contained therein. Ware was in a real Marvin Gaye mood throughout here with, my favourite tune being 'Girl, Girl, Girl.'. Quite sought after today. Excellent.

Woods Empire's album, from 1981, is notable for the beautiful title track. The band are complimented, musically, with Paulinho Da Costa, Dave Crawford, Paul Jackson Jnr, Roland Bautista and Clarence McDonald. I believe this is the only album from these people. Where they are now, who knows?

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• Merry Clayton - Emotion / Collins & Collins - Collins & Collins

Merry ClaytonCollins And Collins

Here are two albums that both were released in 1980.

Merry Clayton's album was notable for her version of Webster Lewis's 'Give Me Some Emotion', titled just 'Emotion' here. She certainly had a great line up here including Lewis himself, Paulinho Da Costa and Ronnie Laws. My favourite cut is her version of Joe Samples 'Melodies Of Love'. The track had lyrics added by Will Jennings and was re-titled 'When The World Turns Blue'. This is a soul classic of he highest order. Well worth seeking out. The album came out on MCA. Merry Clayton is called Merry, incidentally, as she was born at Christmas.

The Collins and Collins album came out on A&M Records that same year and was produced in Philadelphia's Sigma Sound Studio's. Many soul folk seek this gem out for their fine version of Ashford and Simpson's 'Top Of The Stairs'. I would really recommend 'You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good'. Excellent stuff and highly collectable these days.

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• Larry Santos - You Are Everything I Need

Larry Santos

Now here is an odd one. If you were digging around, in a second hand store, you would, probably, on the surface, give this one a wide birth. Some weird guy from the seventies, looking like Dave Lee Travis lying on a bed with his missus? Well they WERE the seventies, when men were men and weren't afraid to let their 'love-handles' hang out in public! Well, all I can say is, this album contains one of my favourite moments from the seventies. When I heard Robbie Vincent play 'We Can't Hide It Anymore' one Saturday lunchtime, I looked for years and, eventually, found this gem. Santos's vocals compliment the beautiful melody which is enhanced by some weird synthesised effects to create a moment of sweet soul magic. Fine, fine stuff.

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• Lamont Dozier - Love And Beauty / Donnell Pitman - Your Love Is Dynamite

Lamont DozierDonnell Pitman

Couple of real rare one's here. Most peoples favourite Lamont Dozier track (apart from the evergreen 'Going Back To My Roots') has to be 'Why Can't We Be Lovers'. I picked up the album back in the day and, must confess, not playing it a great deal then. I just wanted it for that track. However, playing it today, it sounds fabulous. Dozier's music stands the test of time, as has already been proven from his days at Motown. If you get your hands on a copy of this, well done, and try the beautiful 'The Picture Will Never Change'. Master at work and fetching upwards of £200 these days. Worth every penny.

Donnell Pitman's single came out in 1986, on a small independent label called After Five. There is a real haunting melody here with Pitman being backed by the excellent Chi-Lites. I believe that I have seen this on a CD compilation, once, in my travels. This really is dynamite and is creeping upwards of £50's worth of 45 today.

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• Leo's Sunshipp - We Need Each Other / Ronnie McNeir - Ronnie McNeir

Leo's SunshippRonnie McNeir

Received an e-mail from Tim Easton, this morning, suggesting the Leo's Sunshipp album (the only one they made) as an inclusion to this page. Who am I to argue? I believe the album has been re-issued on CD. This is a much sought after gem containing the excellent 'Give me the sunshine' and their version of 'I'm back for more' (covered by Al Johnson, Marlena Shaw and Bobby Womack). Excellent Kenny Stover output from back in the day. Nice one, Tim.

The Ronnie McNeir LP is just great. You can, pretty well, buy any output from this man and be pleased with your purchase. 'Wendy is gone' is excellent and my favourite has to be 'I'm your lover'. 4 mins 22 seconds of pure bliss. On Prodigal records from 1975. Nice hairdoo, Ronnie!

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• Herbie Hancock - Directstep

Herbie Hancock

This album had me worried for a few years that, either I was going mad and it wasn't around, or it did exist. I spent 5 years wondering whether Robbie Vincent had played a 'different' version of 'I Thought It Was You', on his Radio London saturday show, or could I have heard the one we all know? Well a few years back I was digging around one of my old record haunts and came across this little gem. Later the same year, after the release of the classic 'Sunlight' album, Herbie went off to Japan and re-recorded this fabulous version, on October 17th & 18th 1978, of the aforementioned track. This time he had on board....wait for it...Webster Lewis, Alphonse Mouzon, Paul Jackson, Ray Obiedo, Bennie Maupin, Bill Summers and Himself. The result is a whole side (15mins 32 secs) of fusion excellence with Herbie's vocoder prominent. Brilliant. To be bought at all costs!

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• June Yamagishi - My Pleasure / Dizzy Gillespie - Closer To The Source

June YamagishiDizzy Gillespie

Couple of fusion outings from 1990 and 1985 respectively.

June Yamagishi's set from the 'Land Of The Rising Walkman' is notable for the golden tonsils of Bobby Womack on the cover of his own track 'Trust Your Heart/Give This Love A Try', which weighs in at 12 minutes and 47 seconds long! Real good cover and popular with the real soul buffs and as rare as a funny Jimmy Tarbuck joke!

Dizzy Gillespie's offering, I heard years ago and every now and then on Robbie Vincents soul radio programme. This is also Japanese, although I did hear a rumour that the States had pressings. The title cut (excellently covered recently by Camelle Hinds) is the old Leroy Hutson track from back in the day. This time the track is blessed with the presence of Stevie Wonder. Marvellous stuff, however, for me the killer cut is Dizzy's cover of Gladys Knights 'You're Number One In My Book'. Sends a tingle right down my spine every time I hear it. Dizzy's passing was a sad loss to jazz culture.

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• Gerry Deveaux - Back To You 1999 / Devox Feat. Angie B.Stone

Gerry DeveauxDevox Feat. Angie B. Stone

Gerry Deveaux is Lenny Kravitz's cousin. He is responsible for the high regard Angie Stone is held in at present, producing and writing most of the tunes she has recorded recently. Devaux's own recordings were released last year on an excellent compilation featuring Stone's, his own and the band Devox's (see above) output by Expansion Records entitled 'Soul Degrees'. These, featured, CD's are hard to find and contains (in my humble opinion) Gerry Devaux's finest moment 'Front Of The Line', sampling George Bensons 'Give Me The Night'. One deejay said to me the other day that this track is never out of his record box. Don't let these slip away. Both are essential.

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• Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Flying High Together / Marlena Shaw - Acting Up

Miracles LPMarlena Shaw LP

Two albums of high merit here. Firstly the swansong of Smokey Robinson with the Miracles. This was the last record, recorded by the great group, which led to Smokey moving off into his own career and the Miracles doing likewise. As a rule of thumb, final recordings can be a bit of a let down, however, there are some really great moments. There are two Stevie Wonder penned songs (remember he was doing his 'Talking Book', stuff at this stage of his career), the first being 'It Will Be Alright' and the latter being the excellent 'We Had A Love So Strong'. Fantastic key changes and, along with the showstopping 'We've Come Too Far To End It Now', this makes for an essential purchase. Recommended.

Marlena Shaws offering is no less valid with her phrasing apparent in the excellent 'Moonrise' and 'Rhythm Of Love', but it is the inclusion of her excellent version of the Al Johnson tune 'I'm Back For More', that puts this on most punters 'wants-lists'. Great stuff.

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• The Four Tops - Nature Planned It

The Four Tops

Taken from the 1972 Motown album, this was the beginning of a rich, post sixties, period of work from the great foursome. The title cut is as beautiful as the Temptations 'Heavenly' and there are cuts written by Ashford & Simpson, Willie Hutch, Johnny Bristol and Todd Rundgren (one of my favourite 'rockers', responsible for penning 'Hello It's Me' {Isleys cover} and 'Love Is The Answer" {Keni Burke cover}) in here additionally. A really beautiful release. Check out 1976's album 'Catfish' for the rare groove cut 'Strung Out For Your Love, as well.

Strikes me losing stuff was big in the Seventies! Check the Jimmy Ponder album sleeve below, and the Four Tops above!

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• Ben Sidran - The Cat And The Hat / Jimmy Ponder - All Things Beautiful

Ben SidranJimmy Ponder

Moving slightly off the 'soul' road here. Two jazz instrumentals, the second of which you will know for the jazz classic 'Love Me Right'. I am including this one here, not because it has been missed by the punters out there, but the record companies really need to get their act together and get this one out on CD. From 1978 on LRC Records.

The former one here is lesser well known. Many of you will be familiar with Sidran's, almost spoken, work. The track here is 'Like Sonny', a pure instrumental work with a great bassline and boasting a line-up that includes Tom Scott, Steve Gadd, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Ritenour, Paulinho Da Costa, Buzzy Feiten, Michael Brecker and Joe Henderson. Wow!

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• Glenn Jones - Everybody Loves A Winner

Glenn Jones

This is one of those odd little items that were popular in the early 1980's. There was a trend with the record companies, at the time, in testing the water with an artist by issuing mini albums (you may remember the Ronnie McNeir Experience mini album from around that time). This will be remembered for his hit 'I Am Somebody' although the tune for the real soul people is 'Keep On Doin'. Fine uplifting stuff from 1983.

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Cruise-Robert Ruffin / I Know We Can Make It-Art Wilson

Robert RuffinArt Wilson

Thought I would throw a couple of 45's at you here. Both came out in 1978, while we were all trying to find a corner, to hide from John Travolta, in! 'You're the one that I don't want!'

Robert Ruffins single came out on the Rolyn Records label and was written by the underrated Bobby Franklin. I heard Robbie Vincent play this a few years back. The reason why Robbie Vincent has endured, through changes in radio stations etc, through the years, is his canny ability to pick a good tune. He certainly didn't let the side down here. Always hard to describe tunes in the written word. All I can say is, this is the sort of tune you would want to hear on a summers day. Parts are like Lonnie Hill's 'Galveston Bay', parts like Barbara Lewis's 'Hello Stranger'. Those harmonies. Really beautiful piece of is....

Art Wilson's 'I Know We Can Make It'. This is on the Alexander Street Records label and was written by the man himself. Another beautiful slice of soul music, set at mid-tempo, that simply reminds you why you love soul music.

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• Webster Lewis - Touch My Love

Touch My Love-Webster Lewis

Heard Peter Young play 'Barbara Ann' off this last Sunday and it sounded great. I suppose this has not really 'been missed' by the punters out there, but might I suggest that the other tunes herein are ones that have been? Webster Lewis is an artist that is rare, in as much as, you can pick up any of his offerings and they are all 'solid' sets all the way through. Favourite tunes on this set? 'Barbara Ann', 'Hideaway' and 'Seasons'. Shame he is not turning out product these days.

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• Michael Franks - Michael Franks / Carole King - Rhymes And Reasons

Michael FranksRhymes & Reasons-Carole King

Both of these artists have had a major influence on the soul music scene over the last 30 - 40 years. Franks for his use of jazz influences to compliment his excellent lyric content and King for writing some of the great soul classics. After all, where would we be without Aretha's great rendition of her classic 'You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.'

The Michael Franks album came out, originally, on Brut records in 1973. It is a weird album in as much as a lot of the content is psychadelic! The track to look out for is 'Born With The Moon In Virgo'. Always get asked after this when I play it at a doo. 'Three Today' is a beautiful piece of songwriting.

King's album is one that isn't readily recalled but is the album that the tune 'Been To Canaan' orginally came from. My favourite cut is 'Bitter With The Sweet'. Sounds fresh, a great driving bassline and would compliment any dancefloor. Rest of the album ain't bad either boasting a line-up including Harvey Mason, George Bohannon and Ernie Watts!

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• The Dells - Freedom Means

Freedom Means - The Dells

The Dells have made many really worthwhile albums and, although this has not been passed by, by the purists out there, there are many people who know nothing of this set.

Well, to wet your appetite, some of the tunes here are written by Terry Callier, notably my choice, the uplifting 'It's All Up To You'. Whenever I play this anywhere (not often these days as the Zimmer Frame is a bit rusty!), I am always asked about this tune. What does it sound like? Terry Callier on speed! Jim Webb gone funky! Fifth Dimension at their best. It is a REALLY fantastic track.

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• Blair - Nightlife

Nightlife - Blair

Most people are fully aware of the title track from this album. Fine track it was too. The album that followed became lost in the passing of time but is worth the purchase for several of the tracks.

My personal fave is 'You Are My Whole Life Baby'. Weird and wonderful.

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• Mascara - See You In L.A.

See You In L.A.-Mascara

Released in 1980 and totally missed. In fact, I can only remember Robbie Vincent playing this only once on his old Radio London Show.

Really worth checking out for the track 'It's Cool' with Luther Vandross guesting on the cover of the old Tymes tune. It is easy to forget that, while he was complimenting Change's 'Glow Of Love' album, that he was freelancing in other area's. Great stuff.

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• Magic Lady - Hot N'Sassy

Magic Lady

This is one of three albums I am aware of by this outfit. Produced by Michael Stokes, they are all really worth checking out, with this one on most peoples 'wants' list for the track 'Hold Tight'. Really excellent soul not dis-similar to what Scheree Brown was doing, at the same time, back in '82. Highly recommended.

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• Lamont Dozier - Right There / Out Here On My Own

Right There-Lamont DozierOut Here-Lamont Dozier

I make no apologies for stating that Lamont Dozier is my favourite soul artist. His back catalogue has been criminally ignored by the record companies, especially, considering that he has written some real 'pop classics'. Most people know Dozier for his 'Going Back To My Roots' album 'Peddling Music On The Side'.

I would like to really recommend these albums as ones that are among his most consistent. 'Right There' comes from 1976 and is just great. Listen to 'Can't Get Off Until The Feeling Stops'. A real gem.

'Out Here On My Own' is one of two ABC releases ('Black Bach' being the other), which, according to an article I read in Blues & Soul a few years ago, had their master tapes destroyed in a fire at the studio's. This album contains the tunes 'Fish Ain't Bitin', 'Breakin Out All Over', 'Take Off Your Make-Up' and 'Let Me Make Love To You'. All I can say about this album is 'If you see it'. It will never make CD and is a classic. His other albums are all pretty good, too.

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• Luther - This Close To You

This Close To You-LutherLuther

Many people, when asked 'What was Luther Vandross's first album?', would say, probably, 'Never Too Much'. During the mid seventies Vandross fronted a band called Luther. There were two offerings with the above album being a much sought after gem from 1977 on Cotillion. Fetches around £50 + today. Is it worth the money? Unreservedly YES. This album is about as soulful as the great man gets. Check 'Don't Take The Time' and 'Follow Your Heart' (As good as 'Never Too much'). Let's hope this receives a CD release soon. A bit special.

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• Madeline Bell - This Is One Girl

Madeline Bell

Madeline's first 1976 solo effort, after leaving Blue Mink is one that has really fallen by the wayside. There are some dated sounding moments but there are some really excellent tunes in here, notably, 'Love Is All', 'You've Got What It Takes' and 'Your Smile'. 'That's What Friends Are For' is not the Deniece Williams tune, but a real one for the acid jazzers. Just been re-released on CD and worth a listen.

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• Nikki Giovanni - Nikki Giovanni (Niktom Records 1975)

Nikki Giovanni

Received an e-mail from Rev Sir Tim regarding a track, by the singer / poet, titled 'The Way I Feel'. Giovanni, in recent years, has released four albums of poetry.This one is from several years earlier. I haven't heard the album but I will keep my big ears open for it, if only for the fact the album had Richard Tee, Steve Gadd, David Newman and Cissy Houston playing on it, Arif Mardin producing and Roberta Flack doing the sleeve notes. Phew!

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• Smokey Robinson - Intimate

Smokey Robinson

Was listening to this album recently and it struck me that this, which came out towards the end of last year, is going to bypass all of us without trace. The album is quality throughout with 'Easy To Love' right up there with some of the best tunes he has ever written or recorded (and I am not talking about 'Being With You'!). His voice and phrasing are as good as ever.

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• The Impressions - ABC Rareties


Tragic loss to the soul world when Curtis died on Boxing Day last year. This compilation has some fine moments. Check out the genius on 'Never too much love' and 'This must end'. Sixties soul at it's finest.

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• Prince - Rave 2 The Joy Fantastic

Formerly Known As Symbol

He may need a trip to the therapist on a regular basis these days but he always is capable of something really good as the track 'Silly game' testifies. Ignore the baggage that goes with the guy. This track is really great.

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• Tom Scott - Smoking Section

Tom Scott

Came out last year. Worth the purchase for 'Lost again'. Fine fusion. Call it 'smooth jazz' (terrible title). This is great music.

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• Ricardo Silveira - Storyteller

Ricardo Silveira

'Francesca' is the tune here. Acoustic Instrumental that will appeal to soul / jazz / house fans alike. Sort of tune that might appear on one of those Café Del Mar compilation CD's.

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• Walter Jackson - Touching The Soul

Walter Jackson

Fairly new compilation that is a resumé of a lot of his old recordings. Sad loss to the world in the early eighties. Check out the track 'Living without you'. Pete Young played this on one of his Sunday soul shows on Jazz FM. Sort of tune that stops you in your tracks and reminds you why you love soul music.

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