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bert robinson

Bert Robinson

b. Bert Robinson, New York, U.S.A.

Bert Robinson's career, to date, only spanned two albums. His singing style is not too dis-similar to that of Keith Washington.

His potential was undoubted as Capitol Records groomed him for soul superstardom.

His first outing came in 1987 with 'No More Cold Nights'.

The album included the stunning single 'Heart of Gold,' which reached number five on the R & B chart.

That year he duetted with Peggi Blu on the track 'All The Way To Love', taken from her album 'Blu Blowin'.

He returned two years later with his second album to date 'I Promise You Love', which featured the production skills of Osborne & Giles, Craig T. Cooper and Al Hudson.

Since 1989, Bert has disappeared from the soul scene.

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No More Cold Nights (Capitol Records 1987)

I Promise You Love (Capitol Records 1989)

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