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bobby thurston

Bobby ThurstonBobby Thurston

b. Bobby Thurston, 1954, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Bobby Thurston hails from Washington D.C.

Bobby originally sang backing vocals and played congas with the group Spectrum Ltd while at high school.

Eventually he took over as lead singer while maintaining a job at the State Department.

Performing one night he met producers Willie Lester and Ronnie Brown who took him to the Prelude label.

You Got What It TakesMain Attraction

Here Lester / Brown wrote and produced his debut album 'You Got What It Takes,' from which 'Check Out The Groove' was a UK Top 10 in 1980.

The album contained Bobby's version of Billy Stewarts classic 'Sitting In The Park'.

'The Main Attraction' followed in 1981 and featured the popular 'Very Last Drop'.

Sweetest Piece

Bobby moved on to Willie Lester and Ronnie Brown's own label Mainline for one album, 'Sweetest Piece Of The Pie', including 'Just Ask Me' and 'Treat Me The Same Way', eventually released in the UK on the Hi Hut label in 1988.

The album featured Al Johnson on keyboards and arrangements.

Real Player


You Got What It Takes (Prelude Records 1980)

The Main Attraction (Prelude Records 1981)

Sweetest Piece Of The Pie (Mainline / Hi Hut Georgia 1988)

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