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al johnson

Al Johnson

b. Alfred Orlando Johnson, 1948, Newport News, Virginia, U.S.A.

d. 26th October 2013, U.S.A.

Al Johnson began his career as lead singer with The Unifics in the mid '60's.

In 1968 the group recorded 'Sittin' ln The Court Of Love' for the Kapp label.

Singles 'It's A Groovy World' (1969) and 'Got To Get To You' (1970) were released before they switched to the Fountain label for 'Dawn Of A New Day' in 1971.

In 1978, Al became part of a group called Positive Change, who released one album on Fortress Records, including 'This Is Where I'll Be (Till You Return)'.

Also in 1978, AI recorded his debut solo album 'Peaceful' for the Marina label (including his original version of 'I've Got My Second Wind'), following which he played keyboards on Bobby Thurston's 'You Got What It Takes' and The Main Attraction, and with Gayle Adams on 'Stretchin Out'.

The following year he teamed up with Norman Connors to be lead vocalist on the song 'Your Love' for Norman's album 'Invitation'.

In 1980, Norman produced AI's CBS album 'Back For More' which included the duet with Jean Carne 'I'm Back For More' and a new version of 'I've Got My Second Wind'.

The same year AI sang lead on 'I Don't Need Nobody Else' from a further Norman Connors album 'Take It To The Limit'.

AI co-produced tracks with The Whispers on their album 'Love For Love' (1983), sang lead with CJ's Uptown Crew ('Forever On My Mind'), released by Washington Hit Makers in 1990, worked as arranger for Tata Vega, Bloodstone, Evelyn King, Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack, while also writing 'We Have Love For You' for Deniece Wilillams and 'Trust Me' for Jean Carn.

In 1998, after an eighteen year break from solo recording, Johnson returned with the highly regarded, 'My Heart Is An Open Book' for the Committee Records label.

Al passed away in October 2013.

Al Johnson

Real Player


Peaceful (Marina Records 1978)

Back For More (CBS Records 1980)

My Heart Is An Open Book (Committee Records 1998)

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