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the unifics

The Unifics

The Unifics were an R&B vocal group from Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

they comprised of:

Al Johnson (b. 1948, Newport News, Virginia, USA.) (lead)

Michel Ward (tenor)

Greg Cook (tenor)


Harold Worthington (baritone)

The Unifics were an American soul group based in Washington, D.C.

They were formed in 1966 at Howard University.

Recording in New York, with songwriter and producer Guy Draper, the Unifics signed to Kapp Records.

They released their biggest hit, 'Court of Love' b/w 'Which One Should I Choose', in 1968, which peaked at number three and also made it to number 25 on the pop charts.

Which One Should I ChooseSittin' In The Court Of Love

which one should I choose? - 1968 / sittin' in the court of love (album) - 1968

A parent album, 'Sittin' In The Court Of Love', was released the same year.

The follow up 45, 'The Beginning of My End' b/w 'Sentimental Man' also made number 9 on the R&B Top Ten in 1968.

It's A Groovy WorldUnifics Return

it's a groovy world - 1969 / unifics return - 2005

Other releases included 'It's a Groovy World' b/w 'Memories', 'Toshimasu' b/w 'It's All Over' and 'Got To Get You' b/w 'Memories' in 1969.

The song 'Memories' was produced by Donny Hathaway.

The group had three more hits before Michael Ward and Hal Worthington left the group in 1970.

The pair were replaced by Marvin Brown and Tom Fauntleroy.

The group signed to Fountain Records (for 'Dawn Of A New Day' / '(Working My Way Back In Funky Thing'), from the Kapp imprint, in 1971, but later disbanded in 1972.

AI Johnson went on to release a couple of highly acclaimed albums, including 'Peaceful' (in 1978), 'Back For More' (in 1980) and 'My Heart Is An Open Book' (in 1998).

The Unifics

Real Player


Sittin' In At The Court Of Love (Kapp Records 1968)

Return (Somodo Records 2005)

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