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carrie lucas

Carrie Lucas

b. Carrie Lucas, 1st October 1945, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, U.S.A.

Carrie Lucas hails from Carmel in California.

After singing locally, she was signed to Soul Train Records in 1976.

Carrie was later to record for Solar Records, and at both imprints, she released 6 albums of material.

Carrie LucasCarrie Lucas

simply carrie - 1977 / street corner symphony - 1978

Her first album, ‘Simply Carrie’, was released in 1977, and contained the singles ‘I Gotta Keep Dancing’ and ‘Gotta Get Away From Your Love’.

The latter song reached number number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the same year.

Carrie’s second album ‘Street Corner Symphony’ was released in 1978, and featured the track ’Tic-Toc’, which began to gather interest in the U.K.

The album featured The Whispers as backing vocalists, and was released on Dick Griffey's Solar Records imprint.

Carrie LucasCarrie Lucas

in danceland - 1979 / portrait of - 1980

In 1979 she released ‘Carrie Lucas in Danceland’, which featured background vocals from fellow label stablemates, Shalamar, The Whispers and Lakeside.

The album contained the hit song ‘Dance With You’, which reached number 37 in the U.S Dance Album chart.

In 1980, Carrie released the album ‘Portrait of Carrie’ which fared less well, however, it did contain her ballad ‘Lovin Is On My Mind’.

Carrie LucasCarrie Lucas

still in love - 1982 / horsin' around - 1985

In 1982, she released ’Still In Love’, which contained two 12" singles, ‘Men’ and ’Show Me Where You're Coming From’.

It was three years before ‘Horsin' Around’ was released on the Constellation imprint, which was well received, especially for her updated cover of the Barbara Lewis evergreen ‘Hello Stranger’, which reached number 20 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart.

By 1990, her releases had become more sporadic, with contributions to the soundtrack to ‘Lambada: Set The Night On Fire’ being the odd occasion that she released recorded material.

During her career, she developed her songwriting skills, penning songs for The Whispers and South Shore Commission amongst others.

Carrie was married to the late Dick Griffey (her second marriage) and has retired from the music industry to concentrate on other aspects of her life.

Carrie Lucas

Carrie Lucas is the mother of Carolyn Griffey, and is the elder sister of the keyboardist and musician Greg Phillinganes.

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Simply Carrie (Soul Train Records 1977)

Street Corner Symphony (Soul Train Records 1978)

Carrie Lucas In Danceland (Solar Records 1979)

Portrait Of Carrie (Solar Records 1980)

Still In Love (Solar Records 1982)

Horsin' Around (Constellation Records 1984)

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