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Formed  1982

Cashmere comprised of:

Dwight Ronnel Dukes (vocals)

Keith Steward (vocals)

Daryl Burgee (drums)


McKinley Horton (keyboards)

After being the featured tenor and falsetto lead in the R & B group Heaven & Earth, Dwight Dukes ventured out and started Cashmere, a dance- and club-oriented group with R & B roots.

The group included keyboardist McKinley Horton, drummer Daryl Burgee and fellow Heaven & Earth vocalist Keith Steward.

Primarily focusing on the vocal talents of Dukes, Cashmere had four singles that surfaced on the Billboard R & B charts between 1983 and 1985.

In 1982, the group worked with producer Bryan Loren on a debut album, 'Let The Music Turn You on', which included the club hit 'Do It Anyway You Wanna', for the Philly World label, released by 4th & Broadway in the U.K. in 1983.

The band added a pianist / songwriter McKinley Horton, Eugene Wilde's co songwriter on 'Gotta Get You Home Tonight'.

The second album, 'Cashmere', featured the track 'Can I', although the track most fondly remembered in the U.K. was 'We Need Love', which received extensive airplay on the London soul radio stations.

During the group's brief presence in the music industry, even though they recorded only three albums, there was personnel change on each album, with Dukes remaining at the forefront.

Real Player


Let the Music Turn You on (Philly World Records 1983)

Cashmere (4th & Broadway Records 1985)

Can I (Hot Records 1996)

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