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chapter 8

Chapter 8

early incarnation of chapter 8. l to r: michael powell, derrick dirckson, gerald ervin, darnell arnold ingram, sam burns, james hardy, joseph morris and david washington

Chapter 8 were formed 1972 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

They disbanded later in 1989

Group Members (at various times):

Anita Baker

Carolyn Crawford

Vernon D. Fails

Van Cephus

James Hardy

Darnell Arnold Ingram

Derrick Dirckson

Scott Guthrie

Courtlen Hale

Gerald Ervin

Sam Burns

Gerald Lyles

Rick Means

Allen E. Nance

Joseph Morris

Michael Powell

David Washington


Valerie Pinkston

This Detroit group is best known as the band that helped launch Anita Baker's career.

The original group was founded by Michael Powell and David Washington in 1972.

They backed the Detroit Emeralds until Powell and Washington added vocalist Rick Means and Carolyn Crawford.

Carolyn Crawford was later replaced by Barbara Love.

When Love departed, Washington added Baker, whom he had heard singing background with the Osmoses, another local group.

Means had left by the time Chapter 8 signed with Ariola in 1979.

Anita Baker and Gerald Lyles split lead vocals, with Powell, Derrick Dirckson, Allen E. Nance, Courtien Hale, Scott Guthrie, Van Cephus, and Washington completing the lineup.

Chapter 8This Love's For Real

chapter 8 - 1979 / this love's for real - 1985

Their debut LP, 'Chapter 8', was released in 1979, but Ariola promptly dropped them.

This album has attained 'Rare Groove' status in the U.K., containing the songs 'Ready For Your Love' and 'I Just Wanna Be Your Girl'.

Anita Baker moved on to a successful solo career.

By their second LP in 1985 for Beverly Glenn, Valerie Pinkson was alternating on lead vocals with Lyles, while keyboardist Vernon Falls joined veterans Hale, Washington, and Powell.

'This Love's for Real', strangely, didn't achieve any hits, but was a fine release, containing the tunes 'How Can I Get Next To You', 'It's My Turn' and 'Don't Stop Loving Me'.


forever - 1988

The line-up remained intact for their third release, 'Forever', in 1988 for Capitol.

Michael Powell produced the set, however they were soon to leave Capitol.

Powell has emerged as a successful producer, having hits with Anita Baker and Regina Belle.

Various Chapter 8 musicians have also recorded with Anita, Peabo Bryson, David Peaston, and James Ingram.

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Chapter 8 (Ariola Records 1979)

This Love's For Real (Beverly Glen Records 1985)

Forever (Capitol Records 1988)

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