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detroit emeralds

Detroit Emeralds

The Detroit Emeralds, at varying times, comprised of:

Abrim Tilmon (b. Abrim Tilmon Jnr., 12th January 1945, Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. d. 6th July 1982, U.S.A.)

Ivory Tilmon (b. Ivory Tilmon Jnr., 14th September 1941, Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. d. 13th September 2014, U.S.A.)


James Mitchell (Lead Singer - b. James Mitchell Jr., 27th May 1949, Perry, Florida, U.S.A.)

The Detroit Emeralds were, originally, formed in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. in 1968, although they were actually from Little Rock in Arkansas.

Abrim and Ivory were originally part of the Tilmon Brothers Gospel group, who comprised of Cleofas Tilmon, Aaron Mapson, Raymond Ellis, Ivory Tilmon, Abrim Tilmon Sr., Abrim Tilmon Jr.

The duo wanted their brother, Cleopas Tilmon to join the group, however, he decided to remain singing Gospel music at the time.

Show TimeShades Down

show time b/w shades down instr. / shades down b/w ode to billy joe - 1968

Their first hit arrived in the same year, when they released the single 'Show Time', for the Ric-Tic imprint in 1968, which made the U.S. R & B Top 30.

Do Me RightYou Want It, You Got ItI'm In Love With YouAbe James & Ivory

do me right - 1971 / you want it, you got it - 1972 / i'm in love with you - 1973 / abe, james & ivory - 1973

They recorded for the Janus label from 1973, releasing the singles 'Do Me Right', 'You Want It, You Got It', and 'Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)' in 1971 and 1972.

Detroit EmeraldsDetroit Emeralds

left image: Abrim Tilmon (seated), Chris Williams (left: ex Synphonic 4) and Larry Rice (right: ex IX Chains)

right image: James Mitchell (top), Abrim Tilmon (middle) and Ivory Tilmon (front)

Detroit Emeralds

In 1973, they recorded for the Westbound label, where they released 'You're Gettin' a Little Too Smart' and 'Feel The Need In Me', a song that charted at number 4 in the British pop charts.

Their backing band from 1977 was the group Chapter 8.

The only remaining original member at this time was Abrim Tilmon.

Abrim wrote most of the Detroit Emeralds lyrics and music but hired arrangers to do the sheet music for the recording studio musicians and orchestra's and bands the Detroit Emeralds used when they were on the road performing.

Feel The NeedLet's Get Together

feel the need - 1977 / let's get together - 1978

Three further U.K. hits followed, including, in 1977, a re-recorded version of 'Feel The Need In Me'.

That same year James Mitchell and Marvin Willis teamed up to form an offshoot group, who were the Floaters.

Abrim Timon, sadly, died from a heart attack in July 1982.

Jimmy Scott and one Michael Henderson, then a 13-year-old, was one of the groups members for a short time.

Detroit Emeralds

Abrim and his widow Janyce now have five grandchildren.

Their daughter Cathy has two children from her first marriage, a son Darryl, who is 15, and a daughter Vanessa who will be 17 in February 2004.

Their son Steven is married to Leslie Royal, and he has three children, two boys and a girl.

Orlando is 11, Deyon is 7, and his baby girl Jordyn is 9 months old.

Detroit Emeralds

James Mitchell, Carl Johnson (ex Chapter 8) and Ivory Tilmon is a link to a website dedicated to Steven Tilmon, in memory of his father Abrim...

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Do Me Right (Janus Records 1971)

You Want It, You Got It (Janus Records 1972)

I'm In Love With You (Westbound Records 1973)

Feel The Need (Westbound Records 1973)

Abe, James And Ivory (Westbound Records 1973)

Let's Get Together (Atlantic Records 1978)

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