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dee dee wilde

Dee Dee Wilde

b. Diane Broomfield, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Born in Miami, a member of the Broomfield family, her brothers are Eugene Wilde (from who she borrowed the surname) and AI Broomfield.

She made her recording debut with family group Simplicious ('Let Her Feel It') before working as a session singer with artists including James Brown and Donna Allen.

Her debut solo single release was 'l Found You' for the 4th & Broadway label in the U K.

She also recorded a debut album 'No Way Out' (1989), including 'Lap Of Luxury'.

She then teamed up with both Lenny Henry and Urban High for a remake of the Loleatta Holloway dance record 'Run Away' (1989).

An album followed in 1992 entitled 'I Love You' on Trans A Records.

The album was part written and produced by Ronald Broomfield a.k.a. Eugene Wilde.

Dee Dee has a son called Pierre.

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Lap Of Luxury (4th & Broadway Records 1989)

I Love You (Trans A Records Records 1992)

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