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dee edwards

Dee Edwards

b. Doris Jean Jones, June 1945, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

d. 25th January 2006, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Dee's real name was Doris Jean Jones.

Brought up on Lawton, close to the Pig Pen, Dee Edwards was instrumental in the birth of the group The Paragons, along with her brother Albert Harrell.

Her first, but the group's only 45, was recorded in the Pig Pen in early 1963 and was called 'My Time Is Important To Me'.

When The Paragons split up Dee became a solo artist.

Her first tune, 'You Say You Love Me,' b / w 'Tired Of Staying Home,' came out on the local Tuba label.

'Too Careless With My Love', was the third release on the D-Town imprint.

'Oh What a Party' followed in 1964.

'Happiness Is Where You Find It' soon followed and in the spring of 1965, 'His Majesty My Love' was released.

Dee's most popular 45, 'All The Way Home,' was released in 1966.

'All The Way Home' was her last 45 for the label.

Later she recorded two songs that Sonny Sanders produced for Pete Hall's Premium Stuff label.

These were 'I'll Shed No Tears' and 'A Girl Can't Go By What She Hears'.

Dee was then married to arranger Floyd Jones and they collaborated on some songs that Guido Marasco released on his GM and Bumpshop labels in 1970, releasing 'Say It Again With Feeling'.

After one RCA single in 1972, Floyd followed up with the song for the De-To label, 'I Can Deal With That', which was the last of Dee's Detroit recording sessions.

The couple went to New York, finally enjoying Billboard chart action with a Disco hit released on Cotillion in 1979, entitled 'Don't Sit Down', taken from the album 'Heavy Love', which also featured the ballad 'No Love, No World' and her version of Acker Bilk's 'Stranger On The Shore'.

During the Eighties, Dee recorded her own version of the song 'It Comes To My Attention', popular with the U.K. Soul fraternity.

A keen painter, Dee had left the music business to concentrate on her family in Detroit.

She died in 2006.

The cause of death appears to be a heart attack after a night out.

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Heavy Love (Cotillion Records 1979)

Two Hearts Are Better Than One (Cotillion Records 1980)

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