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the paragons

The Paragons

The Paragons were an R & B vocal group from Brooklyn, New York, New York State, U.S.A., formed in 1956.

The group comprised of:

Julius McMichael (b. 25th November 1935, U.S.A. d. June 1981, U.S.A. - lead)

Gable Ben Frazier (second tenor)

Al Brown (b. 22nd May 1934, Kingston, Jamaica - bass)

Donald Travis (baritone)


Ricky Jackson (first tenor)

This R&B vocal group were formed in 1955 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

They were a vocal harmony quintet signed to the New York-based Winley label.

They released the single 'Florence' b/w 'Hey Little School Girl'.

The ParagonsThe ParagonsThe ParagonsThe Paragons

paragons meet the jesters - 1959 / the paragons vs the harptones - 1963 / the best of the paragons - 1990 / war! the jesters vs the paragons

Real Player


The Paragons Meet The Jesters (Jubilee Records 1959)

The Paragons vs The Harptones (Musicnote Records 1963)

Simply The Paragons (Rare Bird Records 1974)

The Paragons Meet The Jesters (Collectables Records 1990)

The Best Of The Paragons (Collectables Records 1990)

'War': The Paragons vs The Jesters (Sting Music Ltd Records 1993)

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