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b. Donald McLean, Brixton, London, United Kingdom

Don-e should not be confused with the artist Donnie, who records for the Giant Step Records label in the U.S.

He is a multi-talented instrumentalist and songwriter from the United Kingdom.

Don-e is the cousin of U.K. soul songstress Beverley Knight.


unbreakable - 1992 / changing seasons - 1995

From the early to mid nineties, Don-e recorded two albums for the Fourth and Broadway label in the U.K.


In 1992, his first single, 'Love Makes The World Go Round', created a stir on the U.K. dancefloors.

The subsequent album, 'Unbreakable', was well received with the title track receiving a great deal of attention on the more soulful radio stations.

'Unbreakable' featured artistic input from the U.K. jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan and Light Of The World.


In 1995, he followed up the debut set with the excellent 'Changing Seasons', an album including the popular track 'Don't She?'.


rhythm n'bass - 2007 / natural - 2008 / try this - 2009 / little star - 2013

By 2007, the artist had relocated imprints to the U.K. Record label Dome Records, where he released the albums 'Natural' (in 2008), 'Try This' (in 2009) and 'Little Star' (in 2013).

He has recently toured with Grace Jones.


i-soulation (2020)


In 2020, he released an e.p., entitled 'i-soulation', which was recorded during the Covid 19 crisis that year.

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Unbreakable (Fourth & Broadway Records 1992)

Changing Seasons (Fourth & Broadway Records 1995)

Try This (Dome Records 2005)

Rhythm N'Bass (Playside Recordings 2007)

Natural (Dome Records 2008)

Little Star (Dome Records 2013)

Future Rare Grooves (Don-e Music Records 2014)

Future Rares 2! (Atomicdread Productions Records 2015)

I-Soulation E.P. (Atomicdread Productions Records 2020)

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