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gabor szabo

Gabor Szabo

b. Gabor Szabo, 8th March, 1936, Budapest, Hungary.

d. 26th February, 1982, Budapest, Hungary.

Born in Hungary in 1936, Gabor Szabo began playing guitar when he was 14 and often played in dinner clubs and secret jam sessions while still living in Budapest.

He relocated to the United States in 1956, after serving as a Freedom Fighter in Hungary.

Settling in California, he attended Berklee College between 1958 and 1960.

Gabor made an impression on the UK jazz funk scene with two albums recorded for Mercury Records in the mid-70's.

These were 'Nightlfight' (1976), including 'Keep Smilin' produced by Bunny Sigler (an earlier version having been recorded by Sigler on a Philadelphia International album a few years earlier) and 'Faces' (1977), produced by Wayne Henderson.

NightflightGabor Szabo

After coming to the United States, Szabo credited the nightly broadcasts of jazz by the Voice of America as being the catalyst which ultimately saw him become one of the leading exponents of the jazz idiom in the world.

He revisited his homeland several times during the 1970's.

Gabor died on the 26th February,1982 in Budapest, after being hospitalised on his final visit home and shortly before his 46th birthday.

He had gone there in July of 1981 to produce an album and had planned to return in the summer of 1982.

Real Player


Gypsy '66 (Impulse! Records 1965)

Spellbinder (Impulse! Records 1966)

Simpatico (Impulse! Records 1966)

Jazz Raga (Impulse! Records 1966)

More Sorcery (Impulse! Records 1967)

The Sorcerer (GRP / Impulse Records 1967)

Light My Fire (Impulse! Records 1967)

Wind, Sky and Diamonds (Impulse! Records 1967)

At Monterey (Impulse! Records 1967)

Bacchanal (Skye Records 1968)

Dreams (Skye Records 1968)

Gabor Szabo (Skye Records 1968)

Gabor Szabo 1969 (Skye Records 1969)

Watch What Happens (DCC Records 1969)

High Contrast (Blue Thumb Records 1970)

Magical Connection (Blue Thumb Records 1970)

Small World (Four Leaf Records 1972)

Mizrab (CTI Records 1972)

Gabor Szabo Live (Blue Thumb Records 1972)

Rambler (CTI Records 1973)

Macho (Salvation Records 1975)

Nightflight (Mercury Records 1976)

Faces (Mercury Records 1977)

Belsta River (Four Leaf Records 1978)

Jazz Mysticism / Exotica (DCC Records 1978)

Femme Fatale (Pepita Records 1978)

Memorabilia (MCA Records 1982)

The Szabo Equation (DCC Records 1990)

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