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gayle adams

Gayle Adams

b. Gayle Adams, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Gayle Adams worked with Washington-based writers / producers from the early to mid-'80's.

Signing to the Prelude label (via CBS in the UK), her album 'Gayle Adams' (1980) included the UK Top 75 hit 'Stretchin' Out'.

On the album Gayle collaborated with producers Willie Lester and Rodney Brown as well as enjoying artistic input from Al Johnson on keyboards and Kevin Toney (The Blackbyrds) on synthesizer.

Also featured on the album were the protogees of Dexter Wansel, a female group called Sass, who enjoyed their own hit 'I Didn't Mean It At All' a few years later on.

In 1982, she stirred dancefloors with the album 'Love Fever', which contained a rendition of the Four Tops hit 'Baby I Need Your Loving' along with the popular soul tune 'Let's Go All The Way'.

She then relocated to Lester / Brown's Mainline label for a single entitled 'I'm Warning You' in 1984.

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Gayle Adams (Prelude Records 1980)

Love Fever (Prelude Records 1982)

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