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the human body

The Human Body

The Human Body comprised of:

Billy Beck

Ray Davis


Larry Hatcher

The Human Body were the brainchild of the late Roger Troutman.

The band formed the basis of the group that later became Zapp.

After recording an album called 'Freedom' in 1976, the trio signed to Bearsville Records in the early eighties.

'Make You Shake it' was released in 1984 on the label and contained the excellent track 'There Is Nobody' along with the popular title track.

The album is notable for the inclusion of the original version of 'As We Lay' (later an R & B hit for Shirley Murdoch).

A year later the group relocated to Elektra Records, where they released the album 'Cosmic Round Up'.

As with the previous album, this set was produced by Roger Troutman at his Troutman Sound Labs Studio's in Dayton, Ohio.

The track 'Everything' received extensive airplay in the U.K.

In 1993, the group released a version of the Teddy Pendergrass tune, 'Love T.K.O.' (with Bobby Glover on lead vocal chores) along with a re-release of the 'Freedom' album on a German label.

Real Player


Freedom (also released as 'Truth Be Known') (Troutman Brothers Records 1976)

Make You Shake It (Bearsville Records 1984)

Cosmic Round Up (Elektra Records 1985)

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