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shirley murdock

Shirley Murdock

b. Shirley Murdock, 22nd May 1957, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.

Shirley Murdock was born in Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. and was the youngest of six children.

From an early age, Shirley was determined to be a singer.

In the late 70's she gave a demo of her voice to her cousin who worked for Roger Troutman.

Duly impressed, Roger hired her as a backing singer for his productions on artists including Zapp, The Human Body and Bad Bobby Glover.

She also toured as a backing singer before Roger secured her a recording deal with Elektra where he wrote / produced (with Zapp) 'Shirley Murdock' (1985), including 'Truth Or Dare' and the excellent 'The One I Need'.

'A Woman's Point Of View' followed in 1988, including 'Husband' and 'I Still Love You'.

In 1999 Shirley released 'Let There Be Love' (number 22 R & B).

In early 2000, Shirley toured in the inspirational / gospel play, 'Be Careful What You Pray For' with Cuba Gooding and David Peaston.

In 2002, Shirley released a gospel set for the Chordant label, entitled 'Home'.


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Shirley Murdock (Elektra Records 1986)

Woman's Point of View (Elektra Records 1988)

Let There Be Love! (Elektra Records 1991)

Home (Chordant Records 2002)

Soulfood (Tyscot Records 2007)

The Journey (Tyscot Records 2010)

The Journey Live (Tyscot Records 2011)

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