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jeanie tracey

Jeannie Tracey

b. Jeanie Autre Tracy, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Jeanie Tracey is a highly regarded singer, Songwriter and producer.

From Houston, Texas, Jeanie grew up in Fresno, California, where she sang in the church choir.

Here she took opera training and learned the piano.

Just prior to moving to San Francisco she produced her own debut single 'Making New Friends', released on the U.S. Brown Door label.

In 1970, she played the lead in Oscar Brown Jr's production of 'Slave Driver' before being discovered by Harvey Fuqua in 1976.

Initially, she worked as songwriter and producer for the gospel group Voices Of Harmony, signed to Harvey's Milk And Honey label (via Fantasy).

In 1979 Jeanie's vocals were used on the soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppolla's film 'Apocalypse Now', before Harvey persuaded her to audition for Sylvester who was looking for a new backing singer.

Impressing Sylvester, she not only sang backgrounds but recorded a duet with him 'Here Is My Love' in 1981, taken from his album 'Too Hot To Sleep'.

This led to Jeanie's own recording deal at Fantasy commencing with the Harvey Fuqua produced 'Me And You' (1982).

Also at Fantasy she was featured vocalist on Freddie Hubbard's 'Splash', an album featuring the popular soul track 'You're Gonna Lose Me'.

She has also sang background vocals with Jeffrey Osborne, Narada Michael Walden, Peabo Bryson, Aretha Franklin / George Michael ('I Knew You Were Waiting'), Two Tons of Fun and Herbie Hancock ('Magic Number').

Jeanie was a featured vocalist with Skool Boyz on 'You Are My Love', taken from their album 'This Is The Real Thing' (1985).

At the end of the Eighties she recorded 'high energy' singles for the Megatone Records label.

During the Nineties, she recorded with Bobby Womack.

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Me And You (Fantasy 1982)

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