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jerry bell

Jerry Bell

b. Jerry Bell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Jerry Bell is a fine Los Angeles based vocalist.

Jerry sang lead vocals for New Birth ('It's Impossible' and 'Dream Merchant') and The Dazz Band at various stages during his career.

He is Thom Bell's cousin and the brother of Archie Bell and Ricky Bell the football player, respectively.

He recorded for MCA in the early '80's.

His MCA album 'Winter Love Affair', from 1981, featured the popular 'Tell Me You'll Stay' and was mainly written, arranged and produced by Michael Wycoff and included input from the late Webster Lewis.

The song became popular on the UK soul scene in the late '80's

At one time Jerry was a World Champion at Karate!

Currently, Jerry is making a movie.

Jerry Bell

Real Player


Winter Love Affair (MCA Records 1981)

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