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johnny reason

Johnny Reason

b. Johnny Reason, U.S.A.

Johnny Reason is one of the lesser known artists that came under the wing of Wayne Henderson and his At Home Productions set up during the Seventies.

Signed to At Home in 1977, Johnny recorded only one album for the Fantasy label, that boasted a distinguished line-up of the labels portfolio of artists.

Johnny played Electric Bass, Electric Guitar and the 'Guitar Bag' as well as pitching in with all of the lead vocals.

Amongst the line-up were Bobby Lyle, Dean Gant, Bruce Carter, Vance Tenort of the L.A. Boppers and Wayne Henderson on production chores.

The album included the tunes 'For You' and 'For You To Lose Your Love'.

Johnny disappeared from the scene after this release.

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Johnny Reason (Fantasy Records 1977)

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