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Jonathan Butler

b. Jonathan Kenneth Butler, 10th October 1961, Athlone (Capetown), South Africa.

Jonathan Butler was born in Athlone (Cape Town), South Africa, the youngest of 17 brothers and sisters, he became a proficient vocalist and guitarist by the time he was six.

He shortly became the chief family breadwinner, and had established a career for himself by the time he was 13.

Due to his disillusionment with apartheid, he emigrated to London in 1985 at the invitation of fellow South Africans Clive Calder and Ralph Simon, founders of Jive Records.

Signing to the label he recorded with Ruby Turner on her remake of 'If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)' before the release of his own debut album 'Introducing Jonathan Butler' (1986).

Teaming up with producer Barry Eastmond, his follow up double album Jonathan Butler (1987) created a great deal of interest on the UK soul scene for songs including 'Lies' (UK Top 20), 'Love Songs, Candlelight & You' and 'Overflowing'.

His next Jive albums were 'More Than Friends' (1988), including 'True Love Never Fails', a duet with Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'Deliverance' (1990) and 'Heal Our Land' (1990).

'Head To Head' followed in 1994, after a move to Polygram and, after a further move to N2K Records, he released 'Do You Love Me?' (1997), 'Story Of Life' (1999) and 'The Source' (2000).

His songs have also been recorded by AI Jarreau, Billy Ocean, George Benson ('Tender Love') and Millie Jackson ('I Fell In Love').


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Introducing Jonathan Butler (Jive / Novus Records 1986)

Jonathan Butler (Jive / Novus Records 1987)

More than Friends [CD] (Jive / Novus Records 1988)

Breaking Away (Jive Records 1988)

Deliverance (Jive / Novus Records 1990)

Heal Our Land (Jive Records 1990)

Head to Head (Polygram Records 1994)

Do You Love Me? (N2K Records 1997)

Story of Life (N2K Records 1999)

The Source (N2k Records 2000)

Surrender (N2k Records 2002)

Brand New Day (Marantha Music 2007)

So Strong (Rendezvous Music 2010)

Grace & Mercy (Artistry Music 2012)

Merry Christmas To You (Artistry Music 2013)

Living My Dream (Artistry Music 2014)

Free (Artistry Music 2015)

Close To You (Rendezvous Music 2018)

Ubuntu (Artistry Music 2023)

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