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Formed in North Carolina, Juicy comprised of:

Jerry Barnes a.k.a. Milton G. Barnes (bass and vocals)

Katreese Darcene Barnes (keyboards and vocals) (b. 3rd January 1963, Fort Carson, Colorado, U.S.A. d. 3rd August 2019, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.)

Wyatt Staton (guitar and lead vocals)

Allison 'Ali Bob' Bragdon (tenor sax and vocals)


John 'Stovepipe' Tucker (drums and vocals)

First Album

Through the faith of producer Deodato the group landed a deal with Arista for a debut album 'Juicy', recorded in North Carolina in 1982.

After having releases on Arista 'Love's a Merry-Go-Round' (1982) and Atlantic 'Beat Street Strut' from the movie 'Beat Street' (summer 1984) they signed with CBS-distributed Private I Records.

It Takes Two

From here they wrote songs for Deodato's 'Motion' outing and returned in 1985 for 'It Takes Two', including 'Sugar Free', for Epic Records.

The track was a big success for the group, as 'Sugar Free' went to number 13 R & B on Billboard's charts in early 1986.

The duo had one other charting single, 'Nobody but You', number 59 R & B in spring 1986 on the CBS associated label.

Spread The Love

'Spread The Love' was the groups final outing in 1987 and contained the popular tracks 'Private Party' and 'After Loving You'.

The album featured artistic input from Chaka Khan, Bernard Wright and Cindy Mizelle.

In 2008, the duo featured new music on i-Tunes under the name Jerry Barnes & Katreese Barnes.

Katreese won a Emmy in 2007 for writing 'Special Treat in a Box' with Justin Timberlake.

She also reached the number 1 slot on with Johnathan Peters featuring Katreese.

Katreese Barnes

katreese barnes

Katreese sadly passed away in 2019 from breast cancer.

Jerry Barnes

jerry barnes

Jerry Barnes is currently touring as the bassist for Nile Rodgers and Chic.

Real Player


Juicy (Arista Records 1982)

It Takes Two (Private I Records 1985)

Spread The Love (CBS International Records 1987)

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