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lew kirton

Lew Kirton

b. Llewelyn Randolph Kirton, 1948, St Michaels, Barbados, West Indies.

d. 22nd January 2022, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Lew Kirton originally hailed from the West Indies.

He was initially known as 'Jigs' Kirton, after a cartoon character.

Lew joined the St. Cyprians choir as a child, and this became the start of his singing careeer.

In 1967 he departed the West Indies for Canada, following on from his sister's original emigration to the country.

Lew Kirton in 1969

In 1969 he became the drummer with the Sam & Dave revue, after gigging at the 521 Club in Brooklyn and hearing the duo needed a drummer.

In 1972 he joined the line-up of The Invitations (along with Gary Gant, Bill Morris and Robert Rivers).

The group had 4 hits including 'They Say The Girl's Crazy' b/w 'For Your Precious Love' (in 1973) and 'Love Has To Grow' b/w 'Let's Love (And Find Together') (in 1973), amongst others, for Silver Blue Records and Red Greg Records.

Lew Kirton

In 1977 he relocated to TK Records subsidiary Alston, and recorded a single, 'Heaven In The Afternoon' b/w 'Heaven In The Afternoon instr.', which became an in-demand track in the U.K.

While at TK he also recorded 'It's Where You're Coming From' as featured lead vocalist with jazz ensemble B. Baker's Chocolate Company.

Just ArrivedTalk To Me

just arrived - 1980 / talk to me - 1983

In 1980, he recorded an album for Alston entitled 'Just Arrived', from which 'Something Special' and 'NYC' were popular tracks amongst soul fans.


In 1983, after having moved to Brooklyn, New York, he recorded one album 'Talk To Me' for Believe In A Dream Records (via CBS).

The title track was released as a single and remains a popular song on the U.K. soul scene (although it didn't make the charts here).

Don't Wanna Wait

don't wanna wait - 1986

His next release was 'Don't Wanna Wait' in 1986, issued, at first, on a small American label Tweedside, but later made available in the U.K. by MCA.

It remained his last recording for several years, although he finished writing some songs and toured the U.K. in 1989.

Lew's songs of his have also been recorded by Tyrone Brunson and Melba Moore.

ForeverSo Into You

forever - 2006 / so into you - 2010

He had been inactive throughout the Nineties, however, he returned to the music scene in 2006 with the release of 'Forever' for the Dac-Bag Productions imprint.

Lew Kirton, sadly, passed away in January 2022.

Real Player


Just Arrived (Alston Records 1980)

Talk To Me (Epic Records 1983)

Forever (Dac-Bag Productions 2006)

So Into You (Tweedside Records 2010)

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