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lost generation

Lost Generation

The group consisted of:

Lowrell Simon b. 18th March 1943. (lead singer and Songwriter),

his brother

Fred Simon

Larry Brownlee (d. 1978, Chicago, U.S.A.)


Jesse Dean

The Lost Generation were formed in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1970, they acheived their most successful moment with their single 'The Sly, Slick and Wicked', a song that made number 14 on the R & B charts and reached the number 30 position on the Pop Charts.

Lowrell Simon was the original lead singer and songwriter, an artist later to achieve success with the Soul song 'Mellow Mellow, Right On' later in the decade.

Lowrell was an ex member of the group The LaVondells, as was Jesse Dean.

That group later to become simply the Vondells.

Larry Brownlee was an original member of the group the C.O.D.'s, who recorded for the Kellimac label during the mid Sixties.

Jesse served in the Army prior to joining the Lost Generation.

The group were introduced to Carl Davs at Brunswick Records in 1969 where 'The Sly, Slick and Wicked' was released.

The song was so popular that it generated sufficient income for Brunswick to buy themselves out from the Decca imprint, and become an entity on their own.

A parent album followed the single release and a subsequent 45 entitled, the Eugene Record penned, 'Wait A Minute' was released.

The group, also scored another R & B hit wth 'Talking The Teenage Language', which charted at number 35 in 1971.

The Lost Generation saw one other chart hit entitled 'Your Mission (Should You Decide To Accept It)' before they went their separate ways in 1974.

Lowrell Simon today Lowrell Simon today

Larry and Lowrell then joined the group Mystique for a short period before Lowrell left to record for the AVI imprint, where the song 'Mellow Mellow, Right On' became a hit on the R & B charts reaching number 32 in 1979.

Lowrell, also, wrote for the soul group The Notations.

Larry passed away in Chicago during 1978.

A New Lost Generation line-up is recording into the new Millennium.

The line-up comprised of Audra 'Waxie' Rushing, Diana 'Lady D' Simon, Fred 'Simone' Simon, and Charles 'Sweet Charlie' Jackson.

This new incarnation released the album 'Thinkin Bout Cha' in 2001, with the title track being particularly popular as a 45 in Chicago.

Audra then became ill and was unable to perform in 2003.

The band still continue to perform to this day as a trio. can check the website for the 'New Lost Generation', right here...

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The Sly, Slick And The Wicked (Brunswick Records 1970)

Young, Tough And Terrible (Brunswick Records 1971)

Thinkin Bout Cha (NLG Records 2003)

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