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Formed in Washington, U.S.A.

MCB were agroup created, ex. Brainstorm members, by:

Jeryl R. Bright (b. 18th July 1955, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. trombone/lead and background vocals)

Aaron Mills (a.k.a. Aaron Ellis Mills: spectre bass/music man bass/fender precision bass and lead vocals)


Thomas T.C. Campbell (a.k.a. Thomas Delmar Campbell: acoustic piano/fender rhodes/moogs and vocals)

From Washington, U.S.A., in 1983, the group signed to Epic and released an album entitled 'M.C.B.'

The track 'I'm The One, You're The One' received heavy airplay on the U.K. soul radio stations and made it on to one of the Streetsounds series at the time.


The track 'Time Is Right' became a title of a various artists rare groove album, a few years later on, with the 'M.C.B' album becoming a rare groove in itself in turn.

Jeryl Bright was also an original member of the group Brainstorm.

Belita Woods, from the group, sang guest vocals on the album track ‘Close To You'.

Jeryl Bright

jeryl bright

M.C.B. stood for the surnames of of (Aaron) Mills, (Thomas) Campbell and (Jeryl) Bright, Campbell taking a lower profile, with the band appearing to be a duo on the sleeve.

Wayne Kee

wayne kee

Aaron Mills was part of the Donald Byrd associated group, N.C.C.U. (New Central Connection Unlimited), and became a member of the group Cameo..

Aaron, TC and Jeryl were previously members of the group Cameo, before recording the M.C.B. album in 1983.

Two compilation albums featured tracks from MCB's album:

Time Is RightStreetsounds

time is right - 1988 ('time is right') / streetsounds 5 - 1983 (i'm the one, you're the one')

Real Player


MCB (Epic Records 1983)

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