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l to r: clifton cotton, marion wiggins, stanley baird, norris duckett, aaron mills, charles brown, thomas clyde

N.C.C.U. Comprised of:

Stanley Baird (Saxophone)

Thomas 'Bonnie' Clyde (alto sax, synthesiser and electric piano)

Marion 'Mouse' Wiggins (trumpet, flugelhorn and synthesiser)

Charlie Brown (drums)

Norris 'Country' Duckett (guitar)

Aaron 'Electric Man ' Mills (bass)


Clifton Cotton (organ)

N.C.C.U. were a group of musicians attending the North Carolina Central College.

N.C.C.U. stood for New Central Connection Unlimited.

The group were the brainchild of Gene Strassler, who was the chairman of the Music Department at the college.

In 1967, Gene invited Donald Byrd to the college as part of the introduction of jazz into the college's curriculum.

Donald invited some musicians he knew, namely Walter Booker, Joe Henderson, Roland Wilson, Joe Chambers and Woody Shaw.

The college developed a reputation and by 1977, students could take a four year degree in jazz there.

N.C.C.U. became the cornerstone of the college's attempts to forge a closer link with the music industry.


The group were formed in January in 1976 and were signed to United Artists for their only album to date, 'Super Trick'.


super trick - 1977

Produced by Donald Byrd for his Bluebyrd Productions Inc, the album garnered a great deal of dancefloor interest in the U.K., with the tracks 'Washing Machine' and 'Bull City Party' becoming highly popular.

Aaron Mills went on to join the group's MCB and Cameo.

The album also featured artistic input from George Bohannon and Ernie Watts amongst others.

Real Player


Super Trick (United Artists Records 1977)

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