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mike and brenda sutton

Mike & Brenda With Cheryl Lynn with Cheryl Lynn

(image reproduced by the kind permission of michael b. sutton)

Mike and Brenda Sutton are a fine pair of accomplished singers and songwriters.

From Los Angeles, the husband and wife team of Mike and Brenda Sutton first worked together as staff writers and singers for the Motown label in the early '70s.

Michael was the discovery of a one Stevie Wonder, no less.

During this period they wrote for Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson ('Stay With Me'), Three Ounces Of Love, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick and Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler.

While at Motown Brenda sang backgrounds on 'Don't Leave Me This Way' for Thelma Houston, while both Mike and Brenda wrote and performed as part of the group Finished Touch in 1979.

Away from Motown they wrote and / or produced for The Detroit Spinners, Anita Pointer ('Overnight Success'), Cheryl Lynn ('Shake It Up Tonight') and Jr Tucker ('Treat Me Right').

As artists in their own right they wrote and produced.

'We I Make It' (1981) for Sam Records (via Virgin in the UK), followed up by 'Don t Let Go Of Me' (1982), again on Sam (via Silvertown in the UK).

They later released an album 'So Good' for the Rocshire label as The Suttons (1984).

They recorded 'No Other Love' for the UK Motorcity label in 1990, once again as Mike & Brenda Sutton.

Although now separated, Michael Sutton worked with Brenda on a solo project in 2002, entitled 'Hopeless Romantic', which contained the fine tune 'Nobody'.

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So Good (Rockshire Records 1984)

Michael Sutton solo:

Hopeless Romantic (Little Dizzy Records 2002)

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