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millie scott

Millie Scott

b. Mildred Vaney Scott, Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

Millie Scott was born in Savannah, Georgia and sang in the gospel groups The Pilgrim Gospel Singers and The Sermonettes before moving into jazz.

After a spell with Bobby Dilworth & The Blazers she moved to New York and began working on the session scene.

Soon she formed a group The Glories which released one single 'I Stand Accused' for the local Date label.

When The Temptations came to New York they tempted Millie to move to Detroit, where she remains to this day.

She formed a new group Quiet Elegance an toured with The Temptations and The Detroit Spinners before Willie Mitchell signed Quiet Elegance to the Hi label down in Memphis.

After touring as a backing singer with AI Green, Millie formed Cut Glass with Ortheia Barnes (1976), and worked with the group for three years.

In 1986, she was signed to D&B Productions in Detroit, helmed by Producer/Writer Bruce Nazarian, whose recordings led to Millie's being signed as a solo artist to Island Records and releasing her debut single 'Prisoner Of Love' (U.K. Top 75).

The track was followed by an album 'Love Me Right', including 'Automatic' (UK Top 75) and 'Every Little Bit' (UK Top 75).

Her second Island album, 'I Can Make It Good For You', (1988), included 'A Love Of Your Own' and 'To The Letter'.

Both of her 80's albums were produced by Bruce Nazarian and the late Duane Bradley, and featured the writing skills of Ronn Matlock, along with artistic input from the likes of Earl Klugh, Michael Powell (Chapter 8 and Anita Baker), Paulette McWilliams, Dave McMurray and Jeff Lorber.

Millie Scott

Real Player


Love Me Right (4th & Broadway Records 1987)

I Can Make It Good for You (4th & Broadway Records 1988)

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