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Oran Juice Jones

b. Oran E. Jones, 1959, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Oran 'Juice' Jones is a fine singer and songwriter, who cites Smokey Robinson as one of his musical influences.

Born in Houston and raised in Harlem, Oran signed to New York's Def Jam / OBR labels (via CBS) in 1985.

At Def Jam, he released a debut album entitled 'Juice' in 1986.

The album included the popular hit single 'The Rain' and was dedicated to his Grandfather Mr. Jesse Oran White Snr, who passed away in 1983.

'G.T.O. - Gangsters Takin' Over' followed in 1987 and included 'Rock The Night Away' and 'How To Love Again' (a duet with Alyson Williams).

He also recorded another duet with Alyson Williams, entitled 'To Love Again,' which appeared on on the movie soundtrack 'Less than Zero'.

'To Be Immortal', subsequently followed in 1989 and contained the single 'Pipedreams', a track that contained background vocal input from Def Jam label-mate Tashan.

The track 'Street Style' featured vocal input from Chuck Stanley, who also contributed to Oran's previous albums.

Since the 1989 album release, Oran has been performing with the artists Chris Rock (he recorded background vocals on 'Roll With the New' in 1997), Shaniqua and Zhigge.

In 1997, an album entitled 'Players Call' was released on Tommy Boy Records and featured Oran's version of the Al Green evergreen 'Let's Stay Together'.

Players Call

Real Player


Juice (Def Jam/Columbia Records 1986)

G.T.O.: Gangsters Takin' Over (Def Jam/Columbia Records 1987)

To Be Immortal (Def Jam/Columbia Records 1989)

Players Call (Tommy Boy Records 1997)

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