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Ozone were formed in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., in 1977 by three former members of the funk band the Endeavors:

Benny Wallace

Jimmy Stewart


Charles Glenn

This trio recruited Thomas Bumpass, William White, Ray Woodard, Greg Hargrove and Paul Hines to lend them instrumental and vocal support.

The group perfected a mix of up-tempo dance material and romantic ballads that was heavily influenced by the Commodores, and they were signed to the same record label as their mentors in 1979.

Motown Records initially used Ozone as backing musicians for artists including Billy Preston and Syreeta, before allowing them to record the first in a series of low-key albums in 1980.

The instrumental 'Walk On' brought them an initial taste of chart success, but like their subsequent black-music hits, it failed to cross over into the pop market.

Ozone will be fondly remembered in the U.K. for their uplifting '(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine', taken from the 'Glasses' LP.

In 1984, the group assisted Bobby Nunn on his 'Private Party' album.

The group also comprised band member Joe Foxworth during their later configuration. (Good to hear from you Joe).

Ozone thanks to Joe Foxworth for this image

Real Player


Walk On (Motown 1980)

Jump On It (Motown 1981)

Send It (Motown 1981)

Lil Suzy (Motown 1982)

Glasses (Motown 1983)

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