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pennye ford

Pennye Ford

b. Penny Ford, 11th June 1964, Cincinatti, Ohio, U.S.A.

Pennye Ford was born in Ohio.

Her father was Gene Redd, who was an Executive Producer at King Records.

This was the same label that had James Brown in it's ranks a few years earlier.

Her sister is the late Sharon Redd.

After studying various musical instruments, Pennye joined a group called Reach, who toured extensively in Japan.

Pennye returned to the U.S. and relocated to Los Angeles and managed to get work at Motown Records publishing company Jobete Music.

Here she sang a few demo's of their tunes.

Pennye then relocated to Total Experience Records and released a solo single entitled 'Change Your Wicked Ways'.

Pennye FordPenny Ford

pennye - 1984 / penny ford - 1993

An album followed entitled 'Pennye' in 1984.

The follow-up single 'Dangerous' reached the UK top 50 in 1985.

Pennye also sang an uncredited lead vocal on the singles, for the group Snap, 'Ooops Up' and 'Mary Had A Little Boy'.

She has also become good friends with Chaka Khan singing background vocals on 'Our Day Will Come', a duet with Edwin Starr.

In 1993, Pennye dropped the 'e' from ther christian name and moved to Columbia Records and cut the album 'Penny Ford', which was produced by Randy Jackson.

The album contained her version of Aretha Franklin's 'Daydreamin', a duet with Tashan on 'Insane' as well as a duet with her sister, Sharon Redd, entitled 'Under Pressure'.

Sharon died in January of 1992 from pneumonia.

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Pennye Ford (Total Experience Records 1984)

Penny Ford (Columbia Records 1993)

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