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richard caiton

Richard Caiton

b. Richard Caiton, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Richard Caiton's singing roots are inshrined, along with so many other soul singers, within the Baptist church.

The church in question here being the St. John´s Divine Baptist which was Richards local church in New Orleans.

He continued to sing in Junior High and also began involving himself within music at the school.

Richard then began composing songs which then moved him into the music business, commencing with a self-written composition entitled 'I Love You' that won the schools talent competition.

His first real step into recording was 'You Look Like A Flower' which was recorded in New Orleans during 1964, but released for Californian label GNP Crescendo.

The song was not a hit and perhaps not his greatest composition, however, it did receive some local recognition.

In 1966 came his next recording opportunity.

Richard was now recording for the local label Up-tight, and it was here he recorded the ballad 'Without Your Love' which became a small regional hit.

The follow-up, 'Take A Hold, Brother And Sister' (recorded for the same label) was set for release by a larger Chicago label, however, this never came to fruition.

In 1969, Richard recorded two more songs for Uptight, 'I'd Like To Get Near You' (which is highly regarded in modern soul circles) and 'Reflections' (which is a more uptempo number that has been doing the rounds on the Northern Soul circuit).

Richards next career move was to Malaco Records.

This move looked to be a promising development in his career, however, his friend and label mate Elijah Walker (Skyline productions) sadly died and Richard saw only one release for Malaco ('I'm Going To Love You More') although he recorded several other sides for the label, that are to date unreleased.

In 1975, Richard recorded the track 'I See Love Girl In Your Eyes', which is highly collectable amongst modern soul fans around the world.

The track was a fine mid tempo outing with Richards smooth soulful vocals complimenting proceedings.

His last and most acclaimed recording, 'Where Is The Love?' for JB's Records in New Orleans, was a good uptempo, feel-good dancer.

This single is, probably, the most sought after tune by Richard Caiton. There are only a few copies in circulation, with the asking price exceeding £1,000.

Richard is also a competent songwriter who has penned some fine compositions for the likes of Cynthia Sheeler, Norma Jean and The Pointer Sisters, (Richard penning their classic northern 45 'Send Him Back' for Atlantic in 1972).

Richard is alive and well and residing in the U.S.

Richard Caiton

richard caiton with brianna

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