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sterling harrison

Sterling Harrison

b. Sterling Harrison, 19th July 1941, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

d. 21st August 2005, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

Part of the L.A. South Central Soul Music scene, Sterling Harrison recorded his first record in 1955.

Funny LifeSad And Lonely

In 1964, he released a couple of 45's entitled 'Funny Life' b/w 'Im A Man'and 'Sad And Lonely' for the Smash imprint, songs he co-wrote with his wife Ruth.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Sterlings early career was on the club circuit, which eventually took him to Los Angeles in 1977.

He performed in the L.A. area throughout the 1980's and 1990's and recorded sides for various labels, including Vim, Smash, 4V, Astroscope, and Motown.

Sterling was became, not only an accomplished vocalist, he was well known for his skills as an impressionist (Al Green, Richard Nixon etc).

Sterling HarrisonOne Size Fits All

sterling harrison - 1980 / one size fits all - 1981

His best remembered record, a self titled album cut for the Atlantic subsidiary, Real World Records, was released in 1980.

'One More Time For Love' became popular amongst R&B fans both sides of the Atlantic, and, as with some songs on the album, was paenned by the Holland / Dozier/ Holland team.

The HDH partnership produced the album and wrote four of the songs on show.


The following year, Sterling released an album entitled 'One Size Fits All'. Few copies were pressed, and he album soon became highly sought after, especially for the Soul stepper 'You Got That Thing' (a song which was later to appear on a compilation album entitled 'Blessed Blackness' in them late Nineties).

'One Size Fits All' was recored for the Phonorecords imprint and featured 10 songs.

Two Way Love AffairI'm Just Getting Started

two way love affair - 1999 / i'm just getting started - 2004

In 1999, he released the album 'Two Way Love Affair', which was followed in 2004 by 'I'm Just Getting Started'.

South Of The Snooty Fox

south of the snooty fox - 2007

Sterling built a huge following on the Soul circuit, some of whom decided to help Sterling record the album 'South Of The Snooty Fox'.

The album was produced by Los Lobos saxman Steve Berlin and comedy writer and soul music expert Eddie Gorodetsky.

Backed by his group The New Breed Band (a four-man band, led by guitarist Larry Johnson (also now deceased) and drummer Rick Marotta), the album featured the songs 'You Left the Water Running', 'There's a Rat Loose in My House', a cover of the Tom Waits song 'The House Where Nobody Lives', and 'I'll Take Care of You'.

Tragically, after completing the album, Sterling was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away on the 21st of August 2005.

The album was posthumously released in 2007, as a tribute to Sterling.

Sterling Harrison was once described as the 'best Soul Singer you never heard of'.

Sterling Harrison sterling harrison

Real Player


Sterling Harrison (Real World Records 1980)

One Size Fits All (Phonorecords 1981)

Two Way Love Affair (Kon-Kord Records 1999)

I'm Just Getting Started (Sound Of Soul Records 2004)

South Of The Snooty Fox Records 2007)

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