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Formed in 1980, California, U.S.A.

Symba were an eight piece outfit who only released one album in 1980.

Their line-up included:

Michael Jones

Gerald Holland

Cheryl Hawkins

Robert Lewis


Rodney Washington

On Venture Records, this 8 track outing featured the dancefloor, title track hit, 'Body Bait'.

The ballad 'Can I Get To Know You' proved popular with the Modern Soul following both sides of the Atlantic.

Al Johnson arranged the album, whilst production chores were undertaken by Dickie Williams and Al together.

The track listings were:

Side One:

1. Body Bait - 8.18

2. Hey You - 5.05

3. You Know I Need You - 6.04

4. Go Away Sad Memory - 4.35

Side Two

1. Hold On - 7.34

2. Can I Get To Know You - 4.50

3. Want My Love - 6.08

4. Time'll Getcha - 4.44

Venture Records VL-1007 1980, 6430 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028, U.S.A.


The Labels

Body Bait

Real Player


Body Bait (Venture Records 1980)

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