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Formed in 1964, New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The line-up consisted of five brothers:

Ralph Tavares - Ralph Edward Vierra Tavares (10th December 1941, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. d. December 2021)

Antone 'Chubby' Tavares - Antone Lee Tavares (b. 2nd June 1944, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.)

Feliciano 'Butch' Tavares - Feliciano Vierra Tavares, Jr. (b. 18th May 1948, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.)

Arthur 'Pooch' Tavares - Arthur Paul Tavares (b. 12th November 1942, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. d. 15th April 2024, New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)


Perry Lee 'Tiny' Tavares - Perry Lee Tavares (b. 23rd October 1949, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.)

Del Rios the del rios

Tavares were originally known as Chubby and the Turnpikes, although they had previously performed under the group name the Del Rio's.

Chubby & The Realities chubby & the realities

They also performed as Chubby and the Realities.

Tavares As Kids tavares with their mother

Born to a Massachusetts musician, the group changed their name in 1969 and adopted the Tavares family surname, whilst on a European tour.

Chubby & The Turnpikes chubby & the turnpikes

Chubby and The Turnpikes were originally formed in 1964 in New Bedford, Massachussets.

They recorded the songs 'I Didn't Try', 'I Didn't Know The Inside Story' and 'I Know The Inside Story' for the Capitol Imprint under that name.

Under the new name, Tavares were signed to Capitol Records in 1973, with their debut set, 'Check It Out', following in 1974.

At the outset, the group under the Tavares name, collaborated with the late Johnny Bristol, recording a Bristol penned song entitled 'Strangers In Dark Corners', a tune Johnny would later record himself.

In The CitySky High

1974 also saw, 'Hard Core Poetry' following and 'In The City' was released in 1975.

That year, 'It Only Takes A Minute', became a soul chart-topper and a U.S. pop Top 10 entry.

Taken from the 'In The City' album, that particular song set in motion a consistent spell of success.

The album also contained the songs 'The Love I Never Had', 'Ready, Willing & Able and the George Clinton penned 'Fool's Hall Of Fame'.

The group really hit the big time with their 1976 release 'Sky High'.

Here they joined forces with the late Freddie Perren, who sadly passed away in 2005.

Freddie had previously collaborated with the Jackson Five, in their early days.

'Sky High' achieved a huge International smash hit in the form of 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel', a song that Pop charted on both sides of the Atlantic.

'Don't Take Away The Music' followed the formers success, whilst U.K. Soul fans looked to 'Ridin' High' and 'Bein' With You' as favourite melodies on the U.K. airwaves.

1977 saw the release of the album 'Love Storm', which contained another number one R & B hit 'Whodunit'.

That set contained the songs 'Fool Of The Year', 'One Step Away' and the light hearted 'Watchin' The Woman's Movement'.

Future BoundSupercharged

The album 'Future Bound saw the light of day in 1978, and contained the Disco Smash 'More Than A Woman', which became showcased within the musical score of the film 'Saturday Night Fever' and was written for the group by the Bee Gees.

That set also included writing input from the likes of Grey & Hanks and Harvey Scales.

In 1979, on their 'Madame Butterfly' LP, the group worked with Philly soul arranger / producer Bobby Martin .

The mid-tempo 'Never Had a Love Like This Before' went to number five R & B in early 1979, and became something of a rare groove in the U.K.

The group released 'Supercharged' in 1980, produced by Bobby Colomby, this set included the popular social commentary melody 'Bad Times'.

New DirectionsLove Line

Still at Capitol, Tavares released the album 'Love Line', a set that indicated a move in musical direction, with writing input from the likes of Kashif, Brenda Russell and Al Jarreau.

A label switch to RCA was indicated by the title of the 1982 album 'New Directions'.

This set included the Rare Groove 'I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me', along with the dancer 'Maybe We'll Fall In Love Again' and the Kenny Nolan tune 'The Skin You're In' (a song later to be covered by the group GQ a year later).

They then released the 12" 'Deeper In Love' taken from their 'Words And Music' album in 1983 for RCA.

This album was to be the last studio album by the group, although they still tour and have seen many re-releases of much of their Seventies material including the 1994, 'The Best of Tavares Revisited', which had re-recordings by the group of their past hits.

Tavares did rechart in 1985, with a Ben Liebrand remix of 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel'.


Tavares Today tavares 2006

Ann Tavares ann tavares

2006 Boogie Blast Tour 2006 Boogie Blast Tour

Pooch Tavares

pooch tavares (1943-2024)

many thanks to ann & chubby tavares for providing some of the imagery for this page

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Check It Out (Capitol Records 1974)

Hard Core Poetry (Capitol Records 1974)

In The City (Capitol Records 1975)

Sky High! (Capitol Records 1976)

Love Storm (Capitol Records 1977)

Future Bound (Capitol Records 1978)

Madam Butterfly (Capitol Records 1979)

Supercharged (Capitol Records 1980)

Love Uprising (Capitol Records 1981)

New Directions (RCA Records 1982)

Words and Music (RCA Records 1983)

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