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thomas and taylor

Lamar Thomas & Judy Taylor

Based in New York, Thomas and Taylor were:

Lamar Thomas (b. Lamar Rowry Thomas, 8th February 1949, Leland, Mississippi, U.S.A. d. 9th February 2018, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)


Judy Taylor (a.k.a. Judy Taylor-Thomas, b. Harlem, New York City, New York, U.S.A.)

Lamar Thomas was born in the southern states and worked in the fields before moving to New York where he met Judy Taylor.

Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor was born in Harlem, U.S.A..

Here they began a songwriting partnership, in the late sixties, and married on the 8th of May 1970.


Now based in New York, the pair first made an impression on the UK soul scene with 'You Can't Blame Love' on their own Thom/Tay label.

Co-arranged / produced by Patrick Adams, the song later featured on the album 'True Love' (1988).

Patrick and Lamar have been close personal friends since their teenage years.

'You Can't Blame Love' was released in the U.K. on the Cooltempo label.

Thomas & TaylorThomas & TaylorThomas & TaylorThomas & Taylor

true love - 1986 / true love book 1 - 1987 / i will be your friend - 1988 / dreamer - 1990

Earlier Lamar had recorded as a solo artist for Epic Records ('Chained To Your Love', 1979) as well as for United Artists, Abbott Records and MCA.

In 1990, a new album was released, entitled 'Grace Under Pressure' which featured the single 'Living In This World'.

Following the release of the album, the pair announced that that would be the last album under the Thomas & Taylor identity.

Lamar Thomas returned to recording with a gospel outing entitled 'I Get Lifted', in 2001.

In 2002, Lamar returned with a new single entitled 'Life And Love'.

As producers, Thomas & Taylor have worked with many artists including Ronnie Dyson, Dorothy Moore (who has recorded two of their songs), James Brown, Maynard Ferguson, Nancy Wilson, The Main Ingredient and Johnny Bristol (who has recorded six of the couples tunes).

They also contributed one song on the last album recorded by the late Johnnie Taylor (a particular favourite artist of Lamar's).

The song was entitled 'Woman Don't Be Afraid', a track previously recorded by Chuck Jackson.

Lamar Thomas released a new single in 2002. Details below:

'Life and Love” The Mixes Taken from the CD 'I Get Lifted' May 22, 2002 Accepting Bookings now - for June through August 10th Only THOMTAY Records # 6467

Further releases include:

'Life and Love' The Raw House Remix Taken from the CD The THOMTAY Compilation 'The Morning'Soul / R & B / Hip Hop / Rap / Inspirational / House / Dance Featuring: Gladyz Elaine THOMTAY Records number 821A. Released on 10th July, 2002.

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Check Lamar's 2007 release, 'Magic' and 'I Smile', on You Tube here:

Lamar, sadly, passed away in February 2018 from cancer.

Thomas & Taylor

Real Player


True Love (ThomTay 1988)

Grace Under Fire (Ichiban 1990)

Dreamer ‎(Whichway Records 1990)

I Will Be Your Friend (Twenty Four Track Records)

Soul Messengers ‎(Vivid Sound Records)

Judy Taylor solo:

High Life (12" single - ThomTay Records 1985)

Lamar Thomas solo:

‘My Soul Woman’ b/w ‘Leave Love Alone’ ‎(7") (Abbott Records 1970)

‘Don't Leave Me Behind’ b/w ‘Feets Start Movin' (Don't Let Me Down) (United Artists Records 1975)

‘Chained (To Your Love)’ b/w ‘Don't Let It Be (All In My Mind)’ (Epic, Sweet City Records 1979)

‘Feel So Good Inside’ b/w ‘(Take Me To) New York City’ (MCA Records 1980)

‘I Don't Wanna Go Through Love Again’ ‎(7") (Phax Records & Filmworks Records 1982)

‘Blind Love’ b/w ‘You Been Grazin' (7", Single) (The-O-Centric Records)

‘Feet's Start Movin’ b/w ‘My Soul Woman’ ‎(7") (Lady J Records)

I Get Lifted (ThomTay 2001)

No Dreams Today (ThomTay 2003)

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