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the time

The Time

Formed 1981 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

The group comprised of:

Morris Day (lead vocals)

Jesse Johnson (guitar & vocals)

Jimmy Jam (keyboards & vocals)

Jellybean Johnson (drums & percussion)

Terry Lewis (bass & vocals)


Monte Moir (keyboards & vocals)

From Minneapolis, The Time was the amalgamation of two local groups Flytetirne, featuring Jimmy Jam / Terry Lewis, and Enterprise, led by Morris Day.

what time is it?

From 1981 they toured extensively with Prince who secured them a recording deal at Warner Brothers where their albums were 'The Time' (1981), 'What Time Is It?' (1982) and 'Ice Cream Castle's (1983).

They also appeared with Prince in the movie 'Purple Rain'.

Shortly after Jam / Lewis began their successful songwriting / production career, the group disbanded and each member began solo careers.

In 1990, however, they reunited for 'Pandemonium', including 'Jerk Out', for Prince's Paisley Park label.

Jesse Johnson released two solo records with some success as did Morris Day ('The Oak Tree') and Jellybean Johnson.

Monte Moir went on to be a highly regarded producer, working with many artists including Ruby Turner ('In My Life').

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis became one of the most successful production teams, working with everyone from Sounds Of Blackness and Janet Jackson to the S.O.S. Band and Human League (sorry, no resume on that band at this site!).

Real Player


The Time (Warner Records 1981)

What Time Is It? (Warner Records 1982)

Prime Time (Intercord Records 1984)

Ice Cream Castles (Warner Records 1984)

Corporate World Love Machine (Warner Records 1989)

Pandemonium (Paisley Park Records 1990)

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