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vertical hold

Vertical Hold

Vertical Hold comprised of:

Angie B. Stone (b. Angela Laverne Brown, 19th December 1961, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.)

Willie Bruno II


David Bright

Often compared favourably with the UK based band Loose Ends, Vertical Hold recorded two albums during the early to mid Nineties.

Singing lead vocal chores was the ex Sequence singer, Angie B. Stone.

Willie and David used to play in High School groups together, with Willie citing his father (a latin jazz pianist) as directing his career into the music business rather than the Services.

Signed to A & M Records and under the production umbrella of Herb Alpert, 'A Matter Of Time' was released in 1993.

The album featured the highly popular 'Seems You're Just Too Busy' and the mid tempo, 'You Can't Go Wrong'.

The album, also, featured an early collaboration with Gerry Devaux (cousin of Lenny Kravitz), who was later to play a role in Angie Stone's later career within the line-up of Devox and as a solo artist in her own right.

The threesome also penned 'What Am I Gonna Do About Your Love?' for the singer Tafuri.

1995, saw the groups second and final album, 'Head First'.

Recorded in various studio's across the U.S., the album featured the ballad 'Crash Course To Heatbreak' and a duet with D'Angelo on the track 'Prayin'.

D'Angelo and Angie Stone were later to become partners.

Vertical Hold split up after the 'Head First' album.

Real Player


A Matter Of Time (A&M Records 1993)

Head First (A&M Records 1995)

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