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galaxy (featuring phil fearon)

Phil Fearon

phil fearon (above)

Galaxy comprised of:

Phil Fearon (b.30th July 1956, London, United Kingdom) - lead and backing vocals, rhodes, grand piano, synthesisers, bass, guitars, percussion and drums

Dorothy Galdes - vocals

Julie Gore - vocals

Lenny Fearon - percussion, trumpet and vocals


Claudio Galdes - saxophones, percussion and flute

Galaxy galaxy circa 1985

Galaxy were the musical brainchild of North Londoner, record producer, Phil Fearon.

In 1981, he was part of the production set up for the Champagne Records group, Proton, who released the song 'Pay Up' that year.

With Galaxy, Phil was the featured singer on all their U.K. hits, and was a band member of the U.K. Brit Soul ensemble Kandidate (alongside Lloyd Phillips and T. Roy Morris), who charted with their song 'Can't Say Bye' on Polydor Records 1982 (later covered by the U.K. Soul Singer Tony Stone).

Galaxy came to the attention of the Radio London based deejay Robbie Vincent, who promoted their song 'Dancing Tight' heavily on his Saturday Soul Show in 1983.

'Dancing Tight' reached the top 5 that year, followed on by 'Wait Until Tonight My Love' (Top 20, 1983), 'Fantasy Real' (Top 5, 1983), 'What Do I Do' (Top 5, 1984), 'Everybody's Laughing' (Top 10, 1984), 'You Don't Need A Reason' (Top 50, 1985), and 'This Kind Of Love' (Top 75, 1985), all for the Ensign Records imprint.

special delivery

'The album 'This Kind Of Love' featured the group's cover version of the Special Delivery song as the featured title track.

The group also recorded a version of the 1977 Tony Etoria song, 'I Can Prove It' in 1986.

Their song 'Everybody's laughing' featured remixes involving the artists Tom Browne and Randy Muller (Brass Construction).

The group released a single, a cover version of 'Ain't Nothing but a Houseparty' later in the decade.

In 1987 Fearon founded and managed a record label called Production House Records with Laurie Jago & Raj Malkani, taking a back seat performance wise.

He then continued producing several U.K. based artists.

Real Player


Phil Fearon and Galaxy (Ensign Records 1984)

This Kind Of Love (Ensign Records 1985)

Greatest Hits (EMI Records 1998)

Dancing Tight (EMI Gold 2002)

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